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  1. To further, International sales welcomed plus actual shipping, of course. This is a multi volt unit.
  2. Good day to you. Up for sale is the Waversa Systems Wrouter. $2500 OBO Shipped CONUS. Any form of payment is fine. PP, CC, Check, MO... Retail on this piece was $3950. It is still a current piece and in production. John Ketcham of Kevalin Audio is the US distributor for Waversa, and he would be happy to help the new owner in any way, as will I. I am the first original owner. Box, packing, antennas, manuals, cables, all present. I have it all charged and ready to go. It is in beautiful shape. Everything works fine. John will be more than happy to send the new owner a fresh set of batteries if you wish. They are predicted to last a few years before replacement. There is less than 6 months on the original ones. Great device, especially when streaming from Tidal or Qobuz, etc. It adds a much needed layer of isolation between your internet and the audio system, and is very effective. It really "fixed" the internet pollution in my system, and taught me just how bad connecting your system to the internet is for Audio. It put streaming at the same level as my file based playback. That is a pretty big accomplishment if you have been through this. The Audio Ethernet portion is battery powered, and is galvanically isolated with very high quality transformer from the normal Ethernet ports. The Audio Ethernet ports are battery powered and use TCXO clocking for best network performance, chosen even over OCXO, and was found to perform much better for network duties in this device. It is ROON ready, and will do MPD, etc. It is also a WiFi router, as well as a streamer endpoint if you chose to use it that way. You can even add PCIe storage for an all in one solution to your DAC. It is very successful in all of these applications. I used it as a Switch in my system with great results, and also as a router with no internet and only file based playback. Beautiful sound no matter. An upgrade to the WiFi card is scheduled soon for even better lower noise performance as a WiFi router. John can answer any questions about this with more detail. It gives a very black background to the music, even streaming, with a very natural sound and ease to the presentation. It just flows and is very dimensional sounding. It is in NO way analytical and lets you forget and relax with the music. Very natural and organic sounding and was a profound upgrade for me in my system. Thank you very much for looking and considering. I am here for any questions via PM. Paul
  3. I read through here, and did not see the Waversa Wrouter mentioned. This is a full featured router that you can use in switch mode or router mode (turn on/off WiFi radios) and also has a very good endpoint style streamer built in. This one is expensive, but a must try. It is essentially 2 audiophile switches in one chassis as well, being it has a side that will accept all the network gear and a more tuned side to cater to your audio components. I absolutely love what it has done for my system, and the improvements are profound.
  4. Cannot edit second post, so please disregard that cable. This is the correct one I believe: https://www.amazon.com/Micro-SATA-Cables-eSATA-Inches/dp/B002P6W8E8/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1540259683&sr=8-14&keywords=esata+to+male+sata
  5. More digging, I found this enclosure that has esata port, also has a DC input: https://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other World Computing/MEPMU3ES/ I think I found a data only sata to esata: https://www.amazon.com/Tripp-Lite-eSATA-Transition-P952-18I/dp/B00119NBEG/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1540247489&sr=8-8&keywords=esata+to+sata My questions: Can someone verify for me that the linked cable is indeed with no power and data only? I assume, but am unsure if the DC input on the linked enclosure will provide all the power needs to the SSD in order for this to work with my external linear supply? Mods, if there is a better place for my inquiry, please put it there. Thanks
  6. Hello, I am sure this has been discussed, but believe me, I have done all the google-fu I can muster to no avail. I am looking to run my SSD's, of which are now in my NAS, from an external linear power source. Ideally, I would like to buy some sata to esata cables or whatever, to extend into an external fanless enclosure from my NAS, that I can then power off a separate linear supply. That means, it must have the buss power severed either on the cable or within the enclosure, so I can run the power externally ONLY and it never shares buss power from the NAS. Does such enclosure exist? sata to esata cable jumpers that handle data only? I can find enclosures with esata ports is why I ask. Thanks for any help
  7. Thanks for the welcome. Well, today it seems to be typing just fine. Must have been one of those things
  8. Pretty new here, and hope to be recognized as a fellow compadre I have had the Totadac USB cable for a very long time, and it has performed wonderfully on every DAC I have tried it on. Truly head and shoulders above any of the others I have tried, including: AudoQuest Diamond, Revelation, Jcat, Chord... This cable really shines in tone density and inner detail like no other. It locks the artists in places really well, and just sounds right. This cable was my gateway drug into Totaldac, and I now have the Totaldac Monobloc DAC's and Server/Reclocker. Everything I have gotten from Vincent has been the best in digital reproduction I have ever heard. And what's up with the typing on this forum? I can't type faster than 1 letter per second. If I do, the letters do not register. Crazy
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