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  1. Saw it for a while. Well, I'm in (even I have PS3 sacd ripable) Never know when my PS3 will die.
  2. Hi, Ben. I was using Pink Faun KS driver when I posted my comment. I believe Pink Faun uses C-Media chip so you can't use Thesycon driver.
  3. Got the card. After listen it for 2 days. I would say it not bad at all. Well, actually I heard the sound that I never notice them before. Unfortunately the best setting that work with jplay just 85Hz for 96/24 and 44.1/16 , 170Hz for 44.1/16. ( Tanly DDC can up to 700Hz for DSD,96/24,44.1/16 ) If you have clean power for PC and have hdmi i2s dac. It worth a try. FYI my DDC is Tanly and the dac is W4S Dac2 DSDse. Well, I think. I'm gonna keep both (jplay usb card and PF).
  4. Great news about KS driver. I also interest in PF card if it works with KS. Seem like someone said they will sell the card directly for €227.27 excluding shipping. So where can place an order ? or should email to them ? At €227.27 + shipping and works with KS. I think I will give it a try.
  5. Hi, Ben. I also experienced the problem like you when I was changed ControlPC's cpu. My problem was solved by update a new bios.
  6. Finally !!!! My 2nd unit arrive !!! The package is about 13kg and no problem so far. Oh, I almost forgot. My 2unit doesn't come with warranty seal so do I have to contact Teradak about this? After a quick listen in my headphone system. Its not a big huge step between Teradak LPSU and 1 single rail LPSU 12v + pico but still I'm glad that I participant in this GB. (It's still better than 12v LPSU+pico but not night & day when compare to SMPS -> 12v LPSU + pico). Time to rip my CD and burn in the LPSU !!
  7. Still no update from UPS. UPS still doesn't get the package after 2 days since Teradak create the shipping label. Yep ... its already over a month since I got the 1st unit. I got nervous from the tracking information. The weight for my 2nd unit(package) is 9kg but my 1st unit is 12kg. It shouldn't be different that much if all material is the same. (Hope it will update when the package come to UPS) I just got an email back from Michael and he explain everything nice and clear. So, it look like their local shipping agent might do something wrong because Teradak actually pay for 13kg package.
  8. Just got a tracking number from Teradak today but it can't be track yet. So, that's mean they just ship my unit. Don't know why it takes so long than they promise. It should arrives on next Monday if it shipped today.
  9. The 6-pin is for the graphic card. I believe no one from group buy will use it.
  10. My 2nd unit still haven't ship yet (told from Michael). He said now the shipping companies are on leave and they will ship mine when the shipping companies return. I think it should be on Wednesday 25th (from Fedex holiday schedule). Look like I will be the last person to get the PSU from Tier 1. Well ... I have to endure it for another two weeks.
  11. Just done modified the backplate 2 days ago. It does not look good but I'm ok with that and it works. (that was my first time to cut steel) http://i.imgur.com/DsveXkd.jpg My PC backplate had a tiny hole so it can't fit the cable and I had to cut them. b - Album on Imgur After I done the mod and shows the pictures to my friend. He told me why don't you flip that ugly backplate side and use the other side ? Me : Dang !! I totally forgot about it. Well .. what's done is done. I don't want to do it any more.
  12. Can you show us the pictures ? It will give us idea how to mod it. Thanks.
  13. I use Mastech HY3005F-3, Astron RS-7A and picoPSU 150-XT.
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