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  1. Hi, IMHO, a flat TV screen will not change anything (or so few) in the bass region where room size and shape are responsible for non linearities (room modes). Nevertheless, we are listening to a combination of direct sounds and first reflexions. Adding a flat reflective surface in the room can theoretically modify the "direct sound/first reflections" ratio. And in the medium/high region, it can probably slightly change the sound stage and imaging of a system. But to what extend a small surface (like a TV screen) can really change the sound compare to floor and ceiling surfaces that are also reflective ? I cannot evaluate. Most probably, speakers using waveguides and directivity control design will be less impacted than omni-directional and dipole ones. Udayan
  2. Hello sphinxsix, Good point. High DR is of no interest if the music is bad, and or poorly mastered. But it is a pity to remove from the music one of its important (to my taste) component.
  3. Hi, An example of good DR. And it makes a huge difference...
  4. Hello Ram, Maybe, I am not the best person for home theater set up advices. My knowledge is theoretical from what I read. I would like nevertheless to underline some points. The most important information you mentioned in your post is that you are listening at an average volume of 70 to 75 dB. In that case there is no need to go with the 8260. The 8351 is perfectly able to do the job even at a 4 meters distance. The SPL attenuation due to the listening distance will be in addition quite low because your room (I check the pictures you posted on the Genelec Community Forum) has almost no absorbant surfaces. It it is probably not a good idea to mix the SVS subwoofers with the Genelec monitors. The Genelec subs can be fully configured in the digital domain by the GLM software to perfectly match with the monitors and this is in my opinion a great advantage. If SVS are only to cover LFE, is there a possibility in your preamp to reallocate LFE on the monitors ? if yes you can probably (taking into account the volume of 75 dB) obtain good results without subwoofers. I think that you should mention to Ilkka Rissanen (in the Genelec forum) that you do not want to reach high playback volume and ask him if a subwoofer is still necessary. To give you an evaluation of the 8260 compared to other product I listen, they are better than my previous set up (Cabasse Baltic + Cabasse Stromboli) and as good as PSI Audio A25m. I never like the B&W sound probably because I never listen to them in good configuration. Last, I know that it is sometimes difficult to deal with women (WAF) concerning speakers and room treatment, but if she can accept a carpet in front of the sofa it will certainly improve the acoustics of your room. If you can push the sofa a little bit to the center of the listening area it will decrease the reflections coming from the back wall... Have a nice day, Udayan
  5. Hello Ragera, Quite a lot of questions in your post! Basically 3 reasons for change : - The M2 with its 38 cm woofer and double diaphram compression driver was a dream for me. - I had the opportunity to make a bargain on the M2 and Crown amplifier. - My listening distance being 4 meters I had to push the 8260 quite hard when listening loud. As for the comparison between the 8260 and the M2, I made it after room correction for both the Genelec and the JBL. In my room, both speakers are true full range with a bass extension down to 20 Hz at 0 dB. Soundstages, as well as global musicality were very close as long as the listening level is normal to high, but if you push the volume a little bit more, the M2 SPL capabilities allow them to remain very clear and effortless while the 8260 were reaching their limits. Nevertheless you have to keep in mind the fact that my system is stereo only and my listening position rather away. If you do not need the extra power of the M2, the differences are small. This is logical for 2 systems with very good directivity and frequency response patterns. In that case, my feeling is that the JBL is a little better in the upper bass and medium regions but in term of percentage it is definitely less than 10%. To conclude the 8260, is an awesome transducer. For your planned set-up, as it is recommended for best results to have the same speaker for L/C/R, 8260 will be more difficult to integrate than 8351. I never listen to the 8351 but it should not be very different from the 8260, it is less expensive and can be put vertically or horizontally (vertical position only for the 8260). In addition, 8351 has more equalization filters than 8260. For a stereo set-up I would probably go with the 8260 in order to Have a 10 inch bass driver. For a 5.0 system I would go with 3 x 8351 for L/C/R 2 x 8330 for surround speakers. The GLM software and calibration microphone will help you to implement appropriate room equalization and delays. I haven't listen to the other products you mentioned. Udayan
  6. Hello, Not with the JBL but with my previous speakers (Genelec 8260). And as expected the further from the backwall, the lower in frequency the cancellation induced by the reflexion on the backwall. The positionning very close to the backwall created of course a big boost around 50 Hz, which I corrected in using the Crown equalisation capabilities. I tried to have them closer together without any improvement in imaging. Udayan
  7. Hi, Yes the Crown is really a very good amplifier. But I can't compare with other amps because I changed also my speakers .... As for the comparison with Bryston, I have no idea. I am not sure that the 4 x3500 HD is better than the XLS 2000. It has some additionnal features and output power. But if you do not need these additionnal features ... Udayan
  8. Hi Roch, I bought them as a system. The associated amp is the Crown ITech 4x3500 HD. It is very easy to install. I measured the response of the system in my room and I introduced the appropriate corrections in the Crown. The sound is exceptionnaly good. Udayan
  9. Some changes since my last post... The speakers are now JBL M2 and the room received a laminate flooring ... Udayan
  10. Yes I'm sure you knew, but I can't miss such an opportunity to make a good word
  11. Hi sphinxsix, I would rather say "Asstraps" because these are additional seats !!!
  12. Hi, Genelec 8260, Fanless computer with RME soundcard, Nas Synology, JRiver MC 21
  13. My dac are inside my monitors and 3 meters away from my computer. But the output is aes/ebu.
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