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  1. Why is Dirac 1.0 not working anymorr? I am afraid of updating macosx bcs exatly that. I tried the Dirac Beta but it didn’t work at all. And due to very bad acoustics I NEED Dirac!!!!
  2. Two restart of iMac and now ok again.
  3. I cannot load Audirvana at all (MacosX), and in the Force Quit Applications I can see it but I can not quit it too, even when its not loaded ... Strange thing... Roon and everything else works great....
  4. Hi esbrewer. Where did you find the 2.0 for MacosX? Can not find it
  5. Dear Flac. Why does Dirac not pass on MQA? Look at my screenshots. My system is: Mac->Roon->Dirac->Meridian Explorer (only first MQA unfold is done), and Mac->Roon->Meridian Explorer (first and second MQA unfold done). Why does Dirac not pass MQA on to the Meridian Explorer?
  6. Maybe this has been solved somewhere else. If yes than please point to that page, thanks. ;=) I have reset all my A+ prefs, and started from scratch. My music is on a 5TB USB disc, and Roon picks up every track fine. A+ does not see the file (in this case a CD with Shania Twain that I ripped to Roon). A+ can´t find it, and YES it points to the same path that is my 5TB USB disc. Please anybody solves this, A+ plays happily some of my tracks, some others it just says: Cannot play file. It can´t be bcs there are files inside folders, bcs some other files within exacts the
  7. Yes it works now, part of it..... Ups, just tried it, A+ cannot see my newly uploadet files even after a re-sync, see my screenshots (taken after a reboot of A+). Shania is present in Roon, but not in A+.... Thanks for the reset manual, it was worth doing. Something must have been corrupt inside my A+ somewhere. Now it works partly, thanks to you ? best KnockKnock
  8. Having issues with A+ 3.2.8 A+ cannot play some files, they play well in Roon. It seems that A+ points to an old Thunderbolt disc, but the files now remain on a new USB disc. A+ remembers this old location (even if I deleted the path to it), and of course cannot play these files as the drive is not even attached. Manual and automatic sync of the new drive does not help. A reset maybe? Total reset or ??? When I add new music in Roon, A+ cannot find it, even though A+ has done it´s scan on the USB disc where the music is. Any help appreciated best KnockKnock
  9. You can easily order the fab CuriousCable or the MadScientistAudio BlackMagic cable and have it sent to South Afrika. Don`t like it you just get your money back, no questions asked (and it beats the AQ by some miles)
  10. Entreq, Furutech, Ansuz, Aqvox, and more I forgot the name of
  11. I have intensively tried and tested AQ Diamond, Crystal Cable Dreamline and 10-12 similar USB cables the last year. With no doubt there are two cables that does what the others does not, and that is to let me forget that I listen to digital music, streaming and hard drives, and just let me enjoy my music. These two are even a lot cheaper then the AQ, CC and the winners are: Curious Cable USB and Mad Scientist Audio Black USB. Both have a 30 day money return policy, and if you don’t love them (and I REALLY doubt that) you just return them and get your money back. Enjoy and
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