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Audio System

Music Room: HP Spectre 13t > RME adi-2 > Audire Otez > Magnepan 1.7i  > MyeSound Speaker Stands

Downstairs Living Room: Lenovo X1 Carbon 2ndGen > Grace Design m9xx > Morrison Audio E.L.A.D. > Audire Crescendo > Hsu Research HB-1 MkII > VTI Speaker Stands > Hsu Research VTL-3

Ripping Station: Lenovo M970 > Philips CD-50 <transport only and iFi microDSD > Denon DT-1100

Main Floor Office: Lenovo X1 Tablet 2ndGen > Wadia 121 > Audeze Sine

Portable: FiiO M7 DAP and iPod > Audioquest Dragonfly Black 1.5 > Eytmotic Research ER4SR or JH Audio Roxanne

Living Room: Oppo BDP-105

Bedside: iPhone 5s > Audioquest Dragonfly Black 1.5 > Beyerdynamic DT-1350

Bedroom: Lenovo X1 Carbon 5gen > iFi nanoDSD > Tascam CD-RW901MkII > Audio Technica ATH-M50x > Croft Acoustics Phono Integrated > Audience 1+1 V2+ Skylan Speaker Stands


Data1: Netgear CAX80 Modem/Router + Netgear S8000 Switch + LaCie Mobile Drive 4TB

Data2: SURFBoard of some unknown model number + Apple Airport Extreme Router/Storage 4TB

Acoustic Treatment: Primacoustic (absorbtion) and Vicoustic (diffusion)


Cables: USB = AudioQuest Carbon / Interconnects = Canare L-4E6S with Neutrix XX XLR / Speaker = Canare 4s11




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