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  1. Another recommendation for the Audio-Technica ATH-"n0"x family. I have not heard Left Channel's ATH-70x but have the ATH-50x and they are my favorite closed back. Very sturdy and comfortable. Additional validation (if you need it) is go to YouTube and many of the recording session performers are wearing... ATH "n0"x's! Also look at some of the reviews at B&H Photo's site for additional impressions. Lastly, my son works at two music venues in Chicago, and they use.. ATH "n0"x. Then with the money you save you can buy a better mic. Best of luck!
  2. Good to get away from screens from time to time.. TapeOp (print/subscription) Sound on Sound (print/supscription) Hi-Fi News and Record Review (print/newstand) Stereophile (print/subscription)
  3. Few things match that new cable*network closet*server room smell. Congratulations.
  4. I had not visited the TONEAudio site before I was enlightened by this forum, so obviously CA is driving readership. I was immediately struck by the varying and page-sensitive copyright dates.
  5. Like this a lot. Thanks. Another choice, below: Parra for Cuva in the foreground and is super cool. Nice rendition that (technically) fits the thread, kind of a forgettable female vocal but the package works for me....
  6. Good call - London Grammar is guilty of having taste. Does a good job with "Wicked Games"
  7. More appreciation for Dessa here - lyric excerpt from "5 out of 6", from the album "Chime" ...And I'm running a tight ship Every deckhand here has a five-year plan And a ice pick They can write code, they can drive stick I got an octave on you and a high kick...
  8. Unabashed fanboy here. Studio version now available from Nonesuch website as of 2/23.
  9. It is totally about tribes. And its all so silly. Unless you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer (who have stakes in this game) why get so bent out of shape around this stuff. When you hear something you like, buy it, when you don't, keep looking. Is it that hard?
  10. Wait - is this THE Emotional Support Peacock? Were you there? This thread is taking me far from my comfort zone - I may need to borrow...
  11. The earlier suggestion of Jo Stafford spot on. Elizabeth Fraser The Staves - originals = earwigs. Covers of Sufjan Stevens should not be missed (Chicago):
  12. Wait, you're that Elcorso? We did not believe you existed. Humbled. Still have a 1961 Philco in the parlor to serenade the gals...
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