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  1. Yeah, this is probably the main reason why we are confronted with outdated Apps on a regular basis. In the beginning I was using JRiver on a Windows platform and happily paid their yearly subscription knowing the software would continue to develop. Since MPD (Linux) + iPad control thing are not so sure anymore ... 😞 This week I paid EUR 3,49 for the additional features in yaMPC so who knows how long they will be able to continue their development efforts for that. The additional features for me was the ability to play radio streams (saved as playlists) which is not possible in the free version. I tried Rigelian too 2 years ago with their yearly subscription but at that time I found Soudirok easier to use in comparison. As I am writing this response I looked into JRiver again and noticed they also have a Linux version or their JRiver Media Center so I will explore this and JRiver also has an IOS app JRemote. It was apparently a very long time ago I had a look on their website.
  2. As an MPad user in the early days I had to switch to Soundirok or Rigelian which are not as polished as I had with MPaD. So now and then I search the App store to find new developments. This week I found yaMPC which is apparently only 1 year old looking at the revision history but initial impressions are postive 👍 I found no other topics mentioning yaMPC so maybe it was under the radar for most ? P.S. I noticed that Soundirok which has had updates on a regular basis has not had an update since April 2018 .. did they stop further deveopment ? Or would I be naive to think that an App is 100% complete and final ??
  3. I am still running the Beaglebone Black with Debian Linux / MPD since Chris introduced it here with a setup guide. Recently I replaced my NAS by a PC with XPenology bootloader creating a Synlogy environment to accept DSM firmware (6.2 in this case) Setting up shares in DSM I noticed I can not create http share as easy as I did before. MPD clients like Rigelian and Soundirok load cover art through http. After some time I had the bright idea why not point the MPD client to the music mount folder in Linux instead of my NAS where it has the same files including cover art. I enabled a http share in Linux by these instructions: https://www.ostechnix.com/how-to-quickly-serve-files-and-folders-over-http-in-linux/ I tried several ways but finally Method 4 (NodeJS) worked for me and cover art is shown now without any issues. Hopefully this info is useful for others too.
  4. It has been long time ago that I showed my equipment so now it is time for an update. See my signature for current equipment. As my previous reply is burried somewhere in the previous pages I will show som of the old stuff too. Untill last year we lived in a small house with a very narrow living area. Last year we moved to a bigger house. Next year we will do a renovation and the current fireplace will de removed. For the time being I created a shelf on wheels for my pre-power amp combo in the middle section under the fire place. I drilled some big holes through the brick supports for the mains cables and interlinks. In the left section under the TV is the power strip and a DIY Linux music server with Wi-Fi acces point. The speaker cables go around the brick supports and are hanging under by cable clamps. It has a big WAF as the equipment is hardly visible and no cables on the floor After the renovation I will have dedicated power lines from the fusebox to the outlets and wired LAN outlets. The new room is much more spacious:
  5. If you don't mind running a small Linux computer like BeagleBone Black or Raspberry Pi you can have I2S out direct from these devices. Costs much less than a Pink Faun card. In the DIY community there are multiple options for galvanice isolation and reclocking .. take it as far as you feel comfortable with ;-)
  6. Ah .. I did not realize this ;-) It's a small world after all ... haha.
  7. After reading this great article and much in dept technical details I found a similar conclusion on 6moons which also describes a way how to do without the MQA encoding and avoid their filter It is published in the Keep it Honest chapter in cooperation with John Darko.
  8. I was in contact with Berrie Kremers 3 months ago who is the developper of Mpad / Mpod asking what his plans were with MPad as It is still my preferred MPD control. He stated he was in contact with an external party discussing continuing the update / development of Mpad / Mpod. Apparently Berrie had no plans doing it himself. Another very actual issue is that it does not function anymore in iOS 11 so I am forced to downgrade to iOS 10. Not anly because of Mpad but more apps do not work anymore so I decided I did not need the “upgrade” Bottom line: DO NOT UPGRADE TO IOS 11 !!!!
  9. Wow .. they look really beautifull Will you even be able to compare them side by side to the real thing ?
  10. Some time has past already but finally yesterday I put the DAC board in an aluminium enclosure which is put in a bigger enclosure. Like having a vault in a building ;-) This way the DAC board is isolated from most HF radiation, I even put a ferrite core around the I2S signal cables. The P/S modules are only for the time being, for the BBB I will build a better regulator and the DAC board will be fed by a 2 sets of 18650 Li-on batteries (one charge; the other discharging and vice-versa) to have the DAC completely isolated from the power supply. The Wifi board is not integrated yet and I need to do some testing to see if it gives any improvements ... soundwise and convenience / stability. Short story: from wood to aluminium ... enjoy the pictures :-)
  11. I have the Baaske isolator but never really did a proper A/B testing and this weekend I will do some more mods to my ongoing BeagleBone Black project so have no fixed baseline to evaluate the isolator with everything else staying te same.
  12. Did you already have a look at the Lmin M1 ? I am not sure what protocols it supports but it is a very good all-in-one solution, you only need to add speakers. There is also a positive review on 6moons.
  13. I still need the NAD as I also use my stereo for watching TV. The speakers in the TV are disabled and use the line/headphones out into the NAD pre.
  14. Thanks for your input :-) MPad takes care of the cover art. It fetches it directly from my NAS and is stored in my iOS device so there is no resources needed for this from the BeagleBone. I also do not need the web GUI so it is clear I can skip Volumio for my needs. Case closed ;-)
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