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  1. Hi, I bought a used Classdaudio SDS-470C with upgraded power supply more than one year ago. I was a bit reluctant in buying a class D amp. Boy I was wrong! The amp is simply terrific. 300 watts per channels at 8 Ohms I believe. Made in USA (small boutique company). Look is nothing special. 695$ with regular power supply or 795$ with upgraded power supply. A lot of interesting reviews on the web by actual users. Oh...Did I wrote that the amp sounds terrific?
  2. Yes. I tried all switch positions with the iGalvanic including different cables and position in the chain. With and without the ifi Micro. Same problem every time. I wasn't the only user plagued with that problem. There is some testimony in a thread from this site from some users regarding the same problem. I kept the Micro long enough to make it perform optimally. It got probably more than 300 hours on it when I decided to sell it. But I can see others prefering it to the Uptone as both have different sound flavor. If you are looking for more resolution, speed and air for your sys
  3. I did the comparison of the Iso Regen + LPS 1.2 + Oyaide/Belden star quad DC cable vs ifi Micro USB + ifi Galvanic 3.0 + ifi Power about one year ago. The ifi combo right of the gate was sounding fantastic but alas after few minutes of music playing, some loud static noise appear intermitentely. Further investigation and experiments showed that the incompatibility of the iGalvanic with my system was the problem. I returned the iGalvanic and continued my tests with only the Micro USB 3.0. Alone it was best by the Uptone kit by a good margin. The ifi MIcro 3.0 gave a lot of resolution and air to
  4. Yes! That should fit the bill. Thank you very much! Regards.
  5. After years of use of a Toshiba laptop as my music server, I bought an Auraliti music server. My current HDD is a WD My Passport 1 Tb. I had a Regen in the path of the USB signal for increase performance. I will receive a HDplex linear power supply tomorrow to power the Auraliti and the Regen. I read that SSD should sound better than HDD. Less vibrations and minimal power consumption should be the reason. I would like to find an external enclosure for 2.5 SATA disk with the possibility of external power (DC port) to use the HDplex. I can't find any in my search in different computer
  6. On paper yes. I have the same philosophy. But theory and real life experience are often two really different things. You can have free 30 days try-out from Audiophilleo with MBG. You should give it a try. But if you take that route, go with the PurePower option.It make a huge difference (thightier and punchier). And no extra cable needed. My bet is if you try it you will not consider swapping the NAD for a long time.
  7. I'm totally backing up Kelly's experience. I have an Audiophilleo2 + PurePower with my NAD M51 and the sonic difference in comparison of his USB input is at the very least simply dramatic! Absolutely not subtle at all. Trust me (and Kelly), you never really heard the M51 if you only heard it from his USB input. It's litterally like if you are listening to two different components. No joke. In a mini-meet of headfiers last year, a half dozen of guys tested the M51 from his USB input and from SPDIF with the AP2 + PP combo. They were all stunned by the profound difference this little device could
  8. The Transparent Premium also bested the Audioquest Diamond in every sonics aspects. These two cables are simply in differents leagues IMHO. More bass, as much if not more resolution and most important, much more natural (analogue) sounding. One of these days I will have the chance to try a Lightspeed against my Premium.
  9. I'm curious about the Light Harmonic Lightspeed even if I am really satisfied with my Transparent Premium USB. So last week, it happened that there was a Lightspeed on sale on Audiogon. The seller was from the city where I live so I contacted him if he was willing to let me try the LS. Unfortunatly, the cable was already sold. I asked him his impressions about the LS and he told me he compared it to his Wireworld Platinum and much prefered the WW and so the3 other peoples with him when he did the comparison. Then I asked him if he would like to try my Transparent Premium. He accepted and we me
  10. I did. And still do as it is the best USB cable I tried in my system. It bettered rather easily all other cables I compared to including Audioquest Diamond, Oyaide Continental 5S and Silnote Poseidon. It's simply bring everything to the table without compromises in my opinion. Extremely detailed, airy and open but at the same time robust and really full sounding with fantastic gripping bass with everything in between. Imagine this cable as a pipe and music as water. Other cables are one inch diameter pipes and Transparent Premium would be a 3 inches diameter pipe, if that make sense to you
  11. Like you said, It seems there will never be a consensus on that matter. The best way for you to find out as you guess it, is to try for yourself. As for me, I heard major differences in performance between generic/entry level USB cables and much more expensive ones. I tried about 8 different cables and generally speaking, the performance of most of the cables, matched the prices. I ended up with the most expensive one. It was clearly and by a good margin, the best of the bunch. I am now considering to give a listen to a cable nearly twice his price.
  12. Thanks kennyb123, I made a couple of changes in my system in the last 6 to 8 months and I forgot to update my audio system in my profile. A department I obviously improved is the electric distribution starting from the wall outlet with a Furutech GTX-D gold with wall plate and carbon fiber cover (huge improvement in comparison of my previous Hubbel hospital grade). Next in the chain is the first of 3 Furutech OCC 11 AWG power cord with Furutech plugs. A power cord really well regard in the DIY world. Certainly much better sounding than my old OFC/Wattgate Black Sand Violet MKII. Follow a A
  13. I agree with you but with all the cables I tried, I found weaknesses I can pointed out rather easily or with some repeated listenings sessions on the better cables. I simply can't with the Premium. Your friend made a really good review of the Heimdall in comparison of the Premium. What struck me is the part were he said the Premium was more full sounding despite conceiding other sonic aspects to the Heimdall. For me, the fullness of sound is at the upmost priority. Plus I considered the Premium to have more resolution than I could ever want. But that's me. Others can favorized soundstage a
  14. Here is the trick. The premium Bested the Diamond on low, mid AND top end. No compromise for me. It have it all. For me too mids are super important. My LCD-2 with NAD M51 excels in this department. The Premium simply seems to get out of the way and let the components do their jobs. Some guys here said the Light Harmonic Lightspeed is even better than the Premium. This is big for me as I can't point out any faults with the Premium. Something I did with all others cables including Audioquest Diamond. I know one day, I will have to listen to the Lightspeed.
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