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  1. Sorry @Miska . False alarm. Uninstalled, reinstalled and now OK.
  2. Hi @Miska My Antipodes EX just upgraded to 4.24.0 and once again I am unable to access the config screen. When this was worked out previously I believe it was something to do with the instruction set? The cpu is “CPU Name: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU J3455 @ 1.50GHz. Thanks
  3. For Antipodes users who are experimenting with pggb files here is my equipment for processing and playback. I have tested many playback schemes and found the following to work best for me. Playback tested: squeezelite, mpd direct, mpd upnp/dnla, hqplayer with hqpd control, hqplayer direct, hqplayer with client, Audirvana dlna, roon direct and roon with hqplayer. Processing: 2020 iMac, 10 core, 40gb ram with pggb (perpetual license), 16fs 24b and mp3tag roon core: nuc7i3 with 2tb internal ssd for redbook library, 3tb usb drive for pggb network: fibre from core to Antipodes A
  4. is squeezelite, 8.2.0 is lms . BTW… I got the tag issues fixed so the MPD controller apps get the albums straight. I used mp3tag and copied each cover to cover or folder.jpg and then removed all the cover art from the tags. There appears to be an issue with the writing of the cover art on some files. Now to figure out the multiple disc tags.
  5. I just setup lms and squeezlite player on Antipodes and it plays up to 768. Only issue I had is bits needs to be set to auto and not 24 in my case. Tidal and Qobuz also play through the lms app. I can also use ipeng for control. There is no need to run the minimserver or dlna server as the lms server handles the library linking. Sound quality is very good. I am still impressed with roon/hqplayer using the embedded in the Antipodes. I have used almost every player even Pure Music and Amarra and I am a huge fan of roon.
  6. Further to my experiments with the signal path of mconnect for mpd (upnp) playback. If I use mconnect on my ipad playing from mininserver on Antipodes to MPD player on Antipodes: 1) turning off wifi on the ipad eventually stops playback 2) turning wifi back on restarts playback This makes me think that signal path is through the ipad and once buffered signal is used up the playback will stop. This is indicative of upnp/dlna play and not true MPD. With true MPD the tie to the library is made through the mpd configuration. Once the controller (app) m
  7. My files are in 16fs 24b. I am playing through hqpe to src-dx to tt2. Should I set the dac bits in hqpe to 24b? If I remove the src-dx and play to the usb on tt2 should I set the dac bits in hqpe to 24b?
  8. Thanks. I will be using mconnect for MPD playback.
  9. I revisited mconnect. The quality is right there with Rigelian. Pulling the ethernet quits at the end of the track while Rigelian quits at the end of the album. Terminating mconnect completely by a second up swipe terminates playback immediately. Rigelian continues to play. Interesting little things which make one wonder on the path of the file. I am getting such a dramatic noticeable improvement with PGGB through roon/hgpe that it still wins out for me. Time to listen.
  10. OK.. I'll give that another listen. I think mconnest is a dlna/ipnp player. I was trying not to run dlna server and using true MPD applications such as Cantata, Rigelian etc. The later MPD versions use direct access to the file system on the Antipodes server.
  11. Does mconnect point the player directly to the source or does the file go through mconnect on it’s way to the player. i.e. after starting can you disable mconnect and the song keeps playing? For optimum quality direct play is preferred.
  12. I posted this on head-fi in the Antipodes thread. I’ve been redoing all my pggb to 16fs 24b and actually prefer it to 32b. The extra space recouped is nice too. I have tried playback in every way available to me... roon direct, roon and hqplayer, hqplayer with hqpdcontrol, hqplayer with client player, lms and squeezelite and mpd. I’ve settled on roon and hqplayer. Many of the golden ears (not derogatory) have left roon. To me it is just too essential a part of my musical enjoyment and workflow. The best quality is probably mpd but the roon curation makes up for the slight differenc
  13. I hooked my SRC-DX to my H2 and sent my 32bit files to it. Everything reported 32 bits and sounded excellent. Is there a 32b to 24b coax conversion in the DX? Should I be hearing a sound degradation by not using 24b pggb files?
  14. Thanks. On a TT2 what is the advantage going dual bnc over usb? Assuming one has the src-dx already. My usb is from an EX.
  15. Would you mind explaining why you are going from 32 bits to 24 bits and using the SRC-DX. I have one as well but it is not hooked up at present. I have done all my rips at 16fs 32 bits for my TT2.
  16. For users of servers with embedded HQPlayer. I’ve noticed significantly better hqplayer pggb playback by using the embedded on the EX (Antipodes server) rather than a desktop version. Files for embedded are on the EX. Files for desktop are on usb drive attached to desktop machine.
  17. Here is my iMac. So far there have been no hiccups remastering.
  18. The iMac 27" has upgradeable ram. That is what I purchased my license for and upgraded the ram to 40gb. 8gb original, added 32gb. My 2014 and 2018 MacbookPro are not upgradeable on the ram (at least by the layman).
  19. I am not a filter designer and understand only minimally the jargon. I have owned mscaler, hqplayer and now PGGB. To my ears the sound improvement is most noticeable with PGGB. Each upsampler has it's merits and of course ymmv. Thanks ZB for clarifying this.
  20. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/hugo-m-scaler-by-chord-electronics-the-official-thread.885042/post-16370615 This Rob Watts take on the PGGB filters
  21. Does HQPDCONTROL play back wavpack files? It says they are queued but they do not queue in the HQPlayer gui. I am able to get them to play using HQPlayer client.
  22. What are people’s thoughts about wavpack. I don’t hear any change in the sound other than expectation bias. The space gain is appreciable and they play on my equipment. But as there may be hidden negatives I am still doing any remasters in wav. Thoughts?
  23. The improvement of 16fs 32 into my TT2 is quite profound. HQPlayer pcm, sinc-L, lns15 handles the streaming. I am able to switch easily with my Antipodes EX. PGGB - MPD/ssd to usb to TT2 Streaming - roon to HQPe to network 2 to pi4/audiolinux naa to src-dx to TT2 dbnc
  24. You must be running a dlna server on your antipodes as mconnect cannot see my library. Audirvana works well also. Unfortunately it means my library is on the Audirvana host and then streamed to the EX. The beauty of MPD on the EX and files on the EX is they never leave the EX when being played. I am going to experiment some more with the HQPlayer embedded on the EX. Audirvana also plays to it.
  25. What are you using as a controller for your MPD? Rigelian is mine.
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