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  1. You must be running a dlna server on your antipodes as mconnect cannot see my library. Audirvana works well also. Unfortunately it means my library is on the Audirvana host and then streamed to the EX. The beauty of MPD on the EX and files on the EX is they never leave the EX when being played. I am going to experiment some more with the HQPlayer embedded on the EX. Audirvana also plays to it.
  2. What are you using as a controller for your MPD? Rigelian is mine.
  3. The fix works perfectly. I needed to use my tagging program to change the track numbers on the file names to match the embedded track numbers for my MPD player. Thanks for all the fish.
  4. The first time I noticed this was with a full album - Close to the Edge. I have emailed @Zaphod Beeblebrox the logs and screen shot.
  5. I am doing the converting on a Macbook Pro to the internal ssd which is the standard mac format. I placed only a single track in the folder to be converted. I got a 7 gb single track out. This has been the same for three tests of different tracks. I will email you the info when back home. The sound is awesome!
  6. I am unable to convert tracks that are approximately longer than 12 minutes. Macbook Pro 16gb, trial license input: redbook output: 16fs 32 bits auto dac: TT2 The process finishes with no visible warnings. The file plays fine but terminates around 12 minutes.
  7. Went back and tried HQPD but stil much prefer MPD. I tried Audirvana from a nas but the files stored on the EX with direct playback (no player involved once started) peovide the best results. One issue... when using MPD and then paused or stopped, there is a high pitched squeal heard until restarted. So far this is just with MPD.
  8. UPDATE: My tests were done using roon-hqplayer with file on a nuc/rock. I moved the file onto the EX’s ssd and switched the output to MPD. Using Rigelian the file was fed directly from the ssd to the mpd player on the EX. Transient attack, hidden detail, relaxed. Looks like I will be needing a bigger ssd.
  9. Thanks for the trial. In my system (Antipodes EX, HQPlayer, TT2, Utopia, iem’s) the sinc-L filter and 705/768 give similar results. Real time conversion may change this as streaming will be in play. It is good to see more alternatives to the mscaler.
  10. mancolh

    HQ Player

    That will be up to your ears. I am experimenting with this and today its 192 and closed form-m. I used to own an mscaler and was forced to listen to it’s filter only. HQPlayer gives so many alternatives and none are wrong. One thing I noticed with mscaler was that I was enjoying 192k upsampling at times rather than full 768 for a fuller sound. That gave me the idea to try it with hqplayer. You may get that fuller sound you were looking for.
  11. mancolh

    HQ Player

    I used sinc-m, 768max, lns15, adaptive rate checked for the last year. Just recently I was using Squeeze without hqplayer as I liked the WTA1 filter quality. Now using hqplayer again but only sampling to 192max so that I still get jussi’s filters up front and Rob’s as well. For this week anyway.
  12. mancolh

    HQ Player

    Still using those settings. Once in a while I will use ext2 just for a change.
  13. mancolh

    HQ Player

    I had an mscaler and the closest I can get (actually better imho) with Antipodes EX, TT2 is sinc-m, lns15, 768, adaptive rate checked.
  14. mancolh

    HQ Player

    I just minimize it on my Mac server.
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