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  1. Hi Mr 

    I’m from Australia and would like to have a quote for a LPSU for the Aurender X100L. And there would be an installation instruction accompanied the unit, wouldn’t there? 

    Sonny Nguyen

    1. andreano



      Hi Kenneth, I would like to order power supply signature version for my Lumin U1 Mini , what is the price ship to italy?



  2. Hi, Kindly check your PM, thank you! If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a e-mail to [email protected] Thank you! Regards, Kenneth Lau
  3. The Signature Edition used better parts - Encapsulated O-Core transformer with Silver-plated OCC Copper coils - Audio Note Kaisei bi-polar caps - Mundorf M-Cap Supreme SIO - Furutech FI-06 NCF - Silver-plated OCC Copper umbilical cord
  4. Hi Harry, Sorry for my late reply, I just back to Hong Kong. Please see the attached pictures for informations, thanks! Kenneth Lau
  5. Hi, Yes, I can custom made a LPSU with dual outputs for your Lumin D1 and Dr. feickert Woodpecker. The price of the basic version is HKD4800. Shipping cost to Norway is HKD800. Unit size around W220 H70 D310mm, only black chassis in stock. And two 1.5M OCC Copper DC cable included. The Power Supply of D1 is the same as U1 mini, but you need the connection kit in the future when connecting my LPSU to the U1 mini. Regards, Kenneth Lau
  6. Yes, sure, they are almost the same. The price for the Basic Version is HKD3600, and for the Signature Edition is HKD6100. Shipping to Canada is HKD500. best regards, Kenneth Lau
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