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  1. I was a bit disappointed. The app only works with 'Amarra for TIDAL', not sQ+. Well with sQ+ one can control volume and switch EQ and IRC on/off, but can't navigate music. I find Amarra with TIDAL unusable due to its clunkiness, so I guess I have to continue to get off the couch.
  2. Any word? I'm using Amarra IRC but would like a copy of Dirac to use when playing movies from my laptop. BTW, there's a trusty pair of ears over at stereo.net.au thats convinced IRC in sounds significantly better (more dynamic) than stand-along Dirac, anyone else reporting this?
  3. Surprised no mention of its suitability for diy active 4-way speakers. I'd guess there'd be many more people interested in it for this reason than for for multichannel music?
  4. b.d

    Audirvana 1.5 Beta

    And if I could add one thing to my wish list: a convolution engine to run FIR filters, like JRiver has. thanks
  5. b.d

    Audirvana 1.5 Beta

    Just paid for my demo after comparing it to Pure Music sound quality wise. Nice. One thing I still sometimes need to use Pure Music for though (dont know if it might have been mentioned here already) is that with Audirvana I cant listen to Fabfilter Eq changes on the fly like I can with Pure Music. Having to stop and start the app makes it really difficult to discern minor Eq changes.
  6. b.d

    Audirvana 1.5 Beta

    Great news Damien, thanks.
  7. b.d

    Audirvana 1.5 Beta

    Hi 57, Just to give another opinion, in my room after applying as much passive treatments as my wife would tolerate, and not having very much latitude with regard to placement, I was left with +12db and +8db nodes in the lowest octaves. The difference between well implemented parametric Eq (e.g. Fabfilter, and using a mic and measuring software Fuzzmeasure) and no Eq is really night and day, I cant live without Eq. As for the purity/accuracy of digital, well there has been so much similar Eq applied before it end up on CD that I dont think there is really such a thing a a pure signal in that sense, and wrt accuracy, well if you dont somehow control for the huge effect the room has on what you hear then you could never really make any claim to hearing anything 'accurate'.
  8. b.d

    Audirvana 1.5 Beta

    Downloaded Audirvana for the first time (Pure Music user thus far), unfortunately as has been reported, Fabfilter not recognised. Happy to pay my money if this can be fixed. Cheers B
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