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  1. I couldn't agree more apart from the resolution limitations of Spif usb is good enough to gauge the performance a dac. So long as the cable is short I don't think a reviewer needs to do any more. I think it is more important to if the sources sonic performance still holds true through various speakers and amp combos
  2. Sorry for late response silly mistake of mine but got it working finally
  3. Got my Aries for Christmas for myself by myself (this i get what i wish for) the speed it reads is unreal and the sound is really real. I plugged my external hard drive into my Asus 802.11 rt 900 mbps router which is connected to the aries by ethernet and wireless, the aries picks up massive data quickly and through the DS app i can see everything on my hard drive, I also use tidal from the DS app. I have to say it is difficult to tell whether your playing uncompressed music files flac , wav , or streaming from Tidal which for me is great. Higher res from my external drive is, well higher r
  4. i have the sms 100 did not work with the lampi tried it on my cambridge audio stream magic 6 and worked fine. Have not had time to look into why but will have a word with Lukasz when he is less busy (no sure when that will be)
  5. plugged into hifi using usb out of my old desktop mac into Epiphany odac. Basic interconnects basic but good dac for the very little outlay. Just go to settings click hifi it should find your dac (auto) and your away. I signed in today and up and running in no time, also synced to my android device.
  6. Dont wait until you get your software the way you want it try on the free trial really good on android but amazing on hifi. Start building your playlist now. You can import your spotify playlist pay offline and download (no brainer) This is what I tunes should have done a long time ago
  7. very good no dropouts this can only grow for the better real hifi for sure
  8. This is such an important comment from paul in back in 2010 If you can not get lost in the music somthing is wrong To get lost in the music for me means either the person or music is in the room with you or you are in front of the stage at the venue (or at least being fooled into thinking the above) I do disagree a little with his second comment: [QOUTE] "Getting to the point where you cannot really listen to anything unless it is a pristine recording played back over super expensive gear in an utterly silent environment is a *bad* thing in my opinion. " You do need dece
  9. Hi Darren i did not hear much difference between aiff and wav either I copied some test tracks direct from redbook cd Wav and uncompressed Flac This was placed directly on to usb flash memory stick and then plugged directly into usb input on dac to eliminate external noise. I have to confess my dac automatically up samples to a minimum 24/196, no sure if this favours flac over uncmp/flac I will try with another dac (nos) and post my findings I suppose there will be various reasons why some say they can or can not hear differences Music Choice, Recording Quality, Playback
  10. I tunes are thieves, you upload your songs to I tunes match and I tunes say they will find a better copy if yours is not the best quality.If you lose your songs or albums hey presto just download it from icloud. Only problem is it comes in low resolution. If Apple offered a premium for hi res files for customers who use match, of whom they have songs which they may never have found or new existed. At worst they should offer the red book standard that us the public gave to them in the first place when we uploaded to I cloud
  11. I would wait I have heard the auralic . I think the Berkley without the usb is as good up to the file resolution limitations. But with the interface it will better the vega again up to a limited resolution. I would wait Berkeley know lumin and Vega amongst others are stealing the hi res streaming show. They will respond its just a matter of when. But when they do you should save money on upgrading plus you will be at an advantage by having matched digital front end.
  12. I agree 100% with that and the proof is most definitely audible.
  13. Hi Paul, The files were copied from cd although the stick was placed directly into the dac which buffers reads etc But I must stress again this was to make a direct A/B comparison with cd playback vs computer audio playback albeit by flash memory stick (usb). No doubt if it were copied from an original 16/44 file from a trusted website I would say there would be an unfair advantage. This was a simple level playing field test
  14. Thanks Teresa, I have looked at some of these sites and your views are in line with many others. The reason for me asking if these files are genuine is because I have heard raw studio masters on dac upsampled downsampled native etc and compared them to hi res files from websites. I must say these sites you mentioned are indeed good. But there are sites who claim to have hi res files but in reality they are upsampled Redbook converted to flac some sites state this and some do not. So to continue to name the genuine sites can only be good for potential purchasers Thanks Again Gary
  15. The entire discussion is not totally ridiculous as in post should be for all to look at and find out for themselves I have just posted this comment below to firedog who is being generous in his comments but I just urged you post a couple of basic reasons as to how people should approach CA and what they should or should not be doing it helps Thanks again no offence intended. Parts of the discussion is pointless agreed but not for the novice who is about to enter the world of CA, These discussions help with getting the sound right for potential CA,s before plunging into this deep world.
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