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  1. For what it is worth, when Walter lived in Ward Manner Annex at Bard College, I remember he had a huge set of Klipsch speakers in his relatively small dorm room. Beyond a vintage tube amp, preamp and TT, he had an oscilliscope. I do not know which Klipsch he had (it was 50 years ago and I was not into it then), but they were big, and I would not be surprised if they were corner horns. Really monstrous in that small dorm room.. A nice guy...I get a kick out of the fact that there is now a street named for him in Queens. Surprised really, that we are mostly still alive. Those were strange days. Alan
  2. Thank you Brian. I upgraded both the system software and the Conductor app. Problem seems to be fixed. Upgrading to the N100 and the Exogal Dac was a wonderful move. The have added a great deal to my enjoyment of music. I appreciate your assistance. Alan
  3. Brian, Thanks for your suggestion. My password is all letters - no special characters. The Conductor App is up to date. This just started a couple of days ago. Worked great for a month before that. No system changes that I am aware of. Alan
  4. I love my Aurender N100. All worked well with a very easy learning curve until I recently replaced my older Ipad for a new Ipad Mini, V4. Now, when the Ipad goes inactive, I must on restarting it, go to set up and restore my Tidal username and password. Then it works fine until I need to make the Ipad mini active again. The Aurender app is otherwise working perfectly. In other words, it forgets the username and password as soon as the Ipad goes to sleep. Any suggested fixes? Thank you. Alan
  5. Remove TIDAL from the list of services in your ickStream account and re-add it. 1. Login to https://cloud.ickstream.com 2. In the “Services” section remove TIDAL from your account 3. In the “Services” section add TIDAL to your account Worked for me on 03/25/2015 on my Squeezebox Classic fed by LMS on my Synology NAS Alan
  6. I have been unable to log in today using the desktop app, windows 7, or under Ickstream on LMS. My subscription expires tomorrow and it is only valuable at present if LMS can be run. Does anyone know if these problems are temporary? Thanks. Alan
  7. Thank you for your responses. Assuming I was willing to upgrade to a Benchmark DAC2 which supported both USB and Spdif inputs (I like having the remote and the headphone amp built in) and I went direct from the DAC2 to my Atma-sphere M60s: 1. Is the quality of the sound likely to be close on both the Orbiter and the Rendu, and 2. With all things being equal, and understanding that both are quality products intended for a long life, is one more likely to need less attention in the future than the other over the years. I am becoming more and more of a set it and forget it kind of guy (though I have made an exception for my amps). Thanks. Alan
  8. Presently, I have a Squeezebox Classic connected by ethernet to my router and my Synology Server also connected to the router by ethernet. The Squeezebox Classic is connected by spdif to a Benchmark DAC1 (no USB), which in turn connects to Atma-Sphere pre and m60s. It is enjoyable, but does not have the presence of my cd. I prefer to keep things as simple as possible, and I have considered a Rendu, and possibly upgrading to a Benchmark DAC2. Other than the cost savings, will the Orbiter be a step up or down from the Rendu. Alternately, could I simply buy a high quality USB Dac and connect it by USB to the Synology NAS (the NAS is close to my music electronics. Thank you for your thoughts. Alan [email protected]
  9. I have been thinking about purchasing a Zuma or Carbon to connect to my Synology NAS. Presently, I steam from the NAS to an older Squeezebox. However, I would like to also connect such new server to my TV and use it to play and record videos. It would not be used simultaneously for tv/video and music. If I did this, I assume I would need to add a TV Tuner and additional software to the PC. Is this likely to degrade the sound of the music server. If it will, I will use a seperate pc for this purpose. I have a reasonably high end stereo and I do not want to degrade the musicality of the rig. Thank you for your suggestions. Alan
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