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  1. PCM to DSD conversion is always done on server side that's why there is no option for that ;-).
  2. Please try the version released yesterday. It's the first stable version with support for 32bit UEFI.
  3. CHANGES: PCM-to-DSD conversion improved: noise-shaping filter and rate options. Thanks to "mansr" for his excellent work on SoX DSD support! Minor web interface improvements (e.g. fullscreen webapp mode for mobiles) Some audio driver and application updates Many bug fixes and various small improvements There is also an updated version of Daphile Installation Instructions available at Daphile web site. Any feedback is warmly welcomed - please use the contact form on Daphile web site.
  4. Do you hear the gap also with DSD64 and DSD128?
  5. There is now a new beta that should fix the problem. It should also fix the problem of the "clicks/noise" between tracks when converted to DSD with Native DSD support.
  6. This problem is not related to mansr's DSD conversion implementation at all. I noticed that it happens also when converting to DSD64 but at about 33:46 (i.e. double time compared to DSD128 conversion). AND it happens even when upsampled to PCM. If upsampling is to PCM 176.4kHz which corresponds DSD64 DoP, the stop happens at exact same time. So it's depending on output sample count. I'll have to analyze it more...
  7. SSH is never enabled in official public release. But there is always a beta version with SSH enabled available at: http://www.daphile.com/firmware/beta/ Root password for beta version is "zaq".
  8. New features include: BruteFIR mode to enable convolution filtering (eg. DRC) and equalizer "Play from RAM" feature, minimize CPU load and disk access during playback PCM to DSD conversion (some network streams don't work, eg. Spotify) Non-DoP native DSD support for the DACs having Linux driver support for it Internal decoding/transcoding changes More information and downloads available at www.daphile.com.
  9. Actually the limitation is only for the Daphile boot drive. Larger than 2TB (GPT partition table) drives can be used as data drives.
  10. The power saving changes in the Daphile 14.09 versions seem to cause boot problems on some PC hardware. If you experience the same, please try the version available at web address: http://www.daphile.com/tmp.poTGRr4CMo/ You are able to upgrade the full installation of Daphile to this version as follows: Access the Daphile PC using http://daphile/cgi-bin/Devel address on web browser Copy the following link text (either x86_64 or i486 version) to input field besides the "Install" buttonhttp://www.daphile.com/tmp.poTGRr4CMo/ daphile-14.09-b190546-i486.iso http://www.daphile.co
  11. What would it require? I don't have it and I don't know the hardware.
  12. Previous release (Sep 16th 2014) had a bug related to CIFS mounting when a username is used. It is now fixed and the new version is available.
  13. CHANGES on the September 16th 2014 version: Player control application on local UI (optional) "File manager" tool in web interface Kernel upgrade to the latest stable version 3.16.2 Power saving improvements (eg. dynamic CPU frequency option) Other minor changes (eg. RAM Disk) Bug fixes Update via your Daphile web UI or download from www.daphile.com. Any feedback is warmly welcomed!
  14. I found a partial solution for SrvrPowerCtrl Suspend problem but it requires the beta version of the srvrPowerCtrl plugin and the latest pre-release that's available at:http://www.daphile.com/tmp.P8SxQ0Qwy6 If you have full installation of Daphile, you can upgrade to the pre-release version as follows: go to http://daphile/cgi-bin/Devel on your Daphile PC copy the following link text (either x86_64 or i486 version) to input field besides the "Install" buttonhttp://www.daphile.com/tmp.P8SxQ0Qwy6/daphile-14.09-b021054-x86_64.iso http://www.daphile.com/tmp.P8SxQ0Qwy6/daphile-14.09-b0
  15. Check the "Mixer controls" settings at "Settings -> Audio Devices". You might have enable something there.
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