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  1. Wonderful, Linn Component, upgrading to Klimax. Perfect condition all books and boxes, remote latest dynamik power supply. Read CA 's comments of the Majik: The Linn Majik DSI with the convenience of it's built in 100 watts per channel Chakra amplifier, will allow you to simply connect your favorite speakers, and enjoy. Adding Linn DS digital streaming components will transform your hi-fi into a system for the future. Offering performance that surpasses traditional CD player technology, and with the convenience of having your entire digital music collection at your fingertips, organized your way, you'll never listen to music in a conventional manner again. Also has many digital inputs as well as a very good phono section.The Linn Majik DS-I in incredibly versatile and sounds very good. The Ethernet input and UPnP capability are the real stars of the show. The complete user experience and ability to just listen to music is wonderful. A single chassis clean looking and clean sounding component that accepts all common sample rates without user intervention is exactly what many readers have been seeking. Using the Majik DS-I provides the user some piece of mind as well. There are no worries about bit perfect output, a KMixer, Exclusive Mode, Audio Midi, ASIO, or WASAPI. At $4,200 the Majik DS-I is a terrific buy. I highly recommend visiting a Linn dealer to spend some time using the Majik DS-I. This is the type of product that sells itself. I happy to place the Linn Majik DS-I on the C.A.S.H. List as the first high end UPnP digital streaming component. Asking $2500.00 mint condition Boxed, remote, manuals Fabulous condition Chakra with Dynamik power supply, see matching sale of Linn Majik Dsi and discount to purchase of both units. That compact size and even temperament – and indeed temperature – are greatly to do with the Linn technology under lid: like the other power amps in this range, the Akurate 2200 is based around Linn's Chakra amplifier technology, and powered using the company's Dynamik switch mode power supply, which is also found in other Akurate components. Asking $2000.00 mint condition Boxed, manuals , will include Linn interconnects and $500.00 discount for purchase of both units, photos available
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