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  1. Well, just bought a Lyngdorf 3400 to replace my 2200 (which has been a great amp for the best part of a decade). Would have been good to take a look at the new NAD, but too late now. Unless of course I dont get on with the new Lyngdorf . . .
  2. What of material that is sold as a 24/96 high res file when the original recording can only have been made by analogue tape (with a likely equivalent bit depth of just 12 to 14 bits) ? Sure, the analogue recording needs to be digitised in some format or other but in cases like this I see absolutely no point in using anything better than 16/44. A case in point is the Koln Concert by Keith Jarrett, recorded on tape in the seventies. Is Qobuz being similarly disingenuous in trying to sell this as ‘high res’ ?
  3. Wow, lots of ideas here ! Thanks I have downloaded a fresh copy of XLD although I find it strange to work with. I get an icon but cannot open it by clicking in the usual way. Instead I click the icon and then use options shown at the toolbar, top of screen. set various preferences although two issues immediately come up. First is where can I get the exported files to create a directory for trackes (eg. Artist Name / Album / tracks). Secondly how do I point it to artwork, FreeDB seems to be set but it asks me for some sort of access key to use Amazon.uk for example. Anyway, set it off ripping a CD to FLAC AND IT TOOK NEARLY 30 mins - sl slow ! Vortexbox I used on a previous computer did it 3 to 4 mins. Does this sound right ? One advantage with Max was that it could simultaneously rip to FLAC and MP3. It would be great if each output file type could have been directed to different destination directories . . .
  4. I've migrated to a MAC running High Sierra (latest version) and want to rip some of my CDs to its hard disk in FLAC format (and also an MP3 copy). I can do this with MAX but for some reason cannot get it to download track and album data - it just copies / converts files which I then need to manually enter all the metadata, artwork etc. I've been looking for an alternative to MAX but without much success (cannot get XLD to work at all for example it just ties up the CD drive needing me to Force Quit. Any suggestions as to suitable software - free or paid for ? Thanks
  5. Well, i have configured the RPi wifi settings in Picoreplayer whilst ethernet connected, then, as you suggest, pull the ethernet cable, reboot the Pi and . . . Nothing. When I have run the Scan, no wifi IP address or MAC code is found. The Pi seems completely invisible to the network (which is 2.4 gHz.
  6. Thanks for your reply and, yes, I guessed it may all have to come through the IMac. So that approach is a non runner. If I started afresh with amplification, what about something like a digital DAC / Preamp (NAD M51 for example), running a pair of Hypex monoblocks with a MiniDSP running Dirac somewhere in the chain (I guess it would have to be between pre and power amps, would this work ?). However i have heard that the MiniDSP isn’t the last word in audio fidelity. . . .
  7. Hi, and apologies for what might be a lengthy post. For several years I have been a satisfied user of a Lyngdorf based system that caters for active bi-amped crossover management, room correction (Roomperfect), digital to analogue conversion and amplification. In all it has, and still is, a Swiss Army penknife of an amplifier (TDAi2200 and SDA2175). I have recently simplified things by taking the SDA power amp and passive woofers it drove away, leaving the 2200 to just drive a pair of Quad electrostatics. I still use the Roomperfect software to good effect. Sources include the telly (via a Humax PVR), an Oppo bluray player, Sony PS4 and, most importantly, FLAC based music files streamed from an Imac to a Raspberry Pi / Allo Digione running Picoreplayer. Music files are either stored on the Imac or streamed from Qobuz. But I wonder if now is the time to see if I can improve on the Lyngdorf at reasonable cost. The obvious choices might be the new Lyngdorf 3400 (too expensive at £5k) or the smaller Lyngdorf 2170 (at 85w this should still manage the Quads). Not sure if there is much in the way of audible difference between these new, or my existing amps though. As I do not want to be without room correction, is there another way of going about things ? Can software be run on the IMac that controls room correction filters at source (but then how would this be applied to sound from the Oppo etc.). If there is a solution it would allow me to explore different amplification - for instance I would really like to hear a Hypex based setup. The Lyngdorf does RC so easily, but I don’t know where to start with other DSP approaches. Any suggestions ? Thanks
  8. I am running LMS on my Imac and streamimg to a RPi running Picoreplayer. I control the LMS access with Squeezepad on my Ipad.Let's say I select an album to play. If I hold the selection on the Ipad for a couple of seconds I get the option to Play. This plays all tracks on the album.If I briefly press the selected album, the individual tracks are displayed. I can briefly select a track and it plays. When finished it automatically plays the next track. I also have the options of sing the Next track / Previous rack arrows to, well, play next or previous track immediately.At least that what used to happen until a couple of weeks ago.Now I can play whole albums (or playlists) but I have to hold individual track selections to get the Play option and only that track will be played. The next track will not automatically start when completed. The Next Track option simply replays the same track, not the next one.I cannot tie this change into any software update and I have ensured that each relevant Player in LMS has the 'Play Next rack' option chosen. Any ideas ?
  9. I have two RPi 3s, but can get neither on my home wifi network using their inbuilt wifi chip. They are both fine on the end of an ethernet cable, or wirelessly connected through an Edimax Wifi dongle. But using inbuilt Wifi - zip, nada, not a sausage. They are not recognised at all by my router in this configuration, even in line of sight less than 2 metres away. my set up is running LMS on my Imac, streamed to the RPis (and a Squeezebox Touch which is fine with its own wireless connection) that run Picoreplayer. I have checked the Wifi settings on Picoreplayer which I presume to bw; wifi. - Set to on SSID and Password. - input correctly RPi Wifi. - set to on RPi Bluetooth. - set to off Any ideas ?
  10. Thanks on hols at the moment but will try the free 15 day trial when i get back. looks like i will need something like Dietpi on the Raspberry.
  11. This looks very promising. I have looked at the manual but not quite clear on what Audionirvana actually lets you do other than play Qobuz tracks - for example does it let you add to playlsists, favourites ? What i really like about the way Roon interfaces with Tidal is that content from ones ripped library, and Tidal tracks are all shown in the same library, albeit the Tidal ones are visually tagged. Seems Audionirvana keeps the two libraries separate. the reason I am interested in all of this is due to the way i listen to Qobuz. Qobuz release lots of their own playlsists. I often listen to these and usually hear a couple of tracks I really like. I want to be able to save or tag these so i can return to them later. With the LMS Qobuz plugin all i can do is play them which means I have to write the tracks down so i remember to create playlists or favourites when i get upstairs to my Mac. I want to be able to simply tag them or save them from my Ipad controller. thanks
  12. I really like the look of Roon’s Tidal integration in that it displays your own ripped library alongside identified music in Tidal and ( presumably) lets you play any track on an end ooint in your system. I would buy Roon if it did the same with Qobuz (which i greatly prefer to Tidal) . But it seems Qobuz do not want to do this and, although they have added much more info about music in their interface, its just not the same. at present, i have a ripped music library on my Mac which also runs Logitech Media Server. LMS has a Qobuz plugin which allows me to search and play Qobuz files to my Raspberry Pi endpoint (running Picore player) - controlled by Squeezepad on my Ipad. but, i cannot manage playlists, nor save links to Qobuz music via the plugin - it can only search and play. Is there a way in which i can replicate Roon type integration ? Ive not tried it but perhaps it is possible to play everything ia the Mac, using the Qobuz interface) and stream via wifi to the Raspberry. But this is not much use as the Mac and Raspberry are in different rooms. any suggestions ?
  13. Despite people raving about this site I seem to be struggling to get going. 1) trying to navigate the site is terrible (Safari on an Ipad). The on the fly translation slows everything down and jerks screen elements all over the place until finished. 2) when I select an option, a music genre for example, I get a pop up box asking me to suggest a better translation. It usually obscures the very thing I am trying to look at I I can't seem to make it go away. 3) The translation is redone every time I change screen. 4) How do I listen to samples ? When I choose a track it asks whether I want to listen on the 'embedded' player, 'Qobuz player' etc. whichever option I choose nothing happens. 5) I've not even managed to get as far as downloading anything and trying to pay for it. am I missing a setting or two ? How do people manage ?
  14. Maybe onto something - in my file structure the above example is actually stored as two separate directories, i.e. Rodrigo / Concerto D'Aranjuez and Rodrigo / Villa Lobos. I would have thought that tagging software and metadata was independent of actual file location (as long as it knows where to find the files) and by setting the metadata it brought things together when browsing on a music server (but not actually moving any files). So, I pulled all the individual tracks into a single directory (pre-fixing the track titles with the composer name) and what do I have now when using Squeezepad . . . . . Two separate entries under artists beginning with 'V" . . . .Villa Lobos and Rodrigo ! Both Album Artist and Composer metadata fields are set to the appropriate composer (i.e. Rodrigo or Villa Lobos). aaagahahagh Does anyone know exactly what fields Squeezepad looks at in its 'Artist' and 'Album' search functions ?
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