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  1. Hello, A friend loaned me Uptone JS2 DC cable that work very weel, do you know whether we can buy this cable , seems Uptone does not sell it as standalone. Thank you very much Rgds P
  2. Hello, and thank you for your interest. The changes are numerous, in a nutshell : EMI filter, more capacitance, better regulation. The cost is 150 Euros. Rgds P
  3. Hello, A few words about my SU1 that went for a tweak by ROSE Audio. As you can see, the PSU is completely new and the tweak is quite huge. Most important is the sound … and it rocks ! Black background is better, more refinement with better details, more “meat” and re-enforced organic character. It’s really a step up. Have a nice day ! Rgds P
  4. Adding capacitors is the key, this makes a PSU looking like a battery, Does your Rcore + new regulator better than the original PSU ? Unless the original one is crappy I don't plan to change it but only add capacitors. Does anyone has the details I'm asking for in my above post ? thx a lot rgds P
  5. Hello, I'm interested in tweaking the SU-1 with additional capacitors. Can you please provide technical details about where to cable ? with which type of Capac and the qty ? Thank you very much Rgds P
  6. Hello can you please give more details on the comparison between U10 and sotm ? other question, does anyone compared the U12 to others ? thank you rgds
  7. Hello I'm interested into the Gustard U-12. Does anyone own it and compared it to the references of the category like Sotm , M2tech etc ... ? Thank you Rgds
  8. Hello, I would be very interested into room egalizer included in Daphile, with a calibration mike that can be plugged into the PC, like it can be done with a Behringer DEQ2496. Do you know whether this is something that can be released in the next versions ? Thank you very much. Rgds
  9. Hello and thx for your answers. So what do you think about "grounding" / "earthing" the PC chassis ?
  10. Hello I have a question for you. My PC is powered via linear PSU (AC -> DC), then jack <-> jack cable and then a PPA pico PSU. This way, the PC chassis is not grounded. I’m wondering whether I should connect the PC to the ground... ? I have read some post over different forum topics saying this is not needed as far it is low DC Voltage, not dangerous for health. Now I’m wondering about the “pollution” (EMI/RFI) that can handle a PC, is it a concern regarding our audiophile approach ? What do you think ? Thx
  11. Hello, I can confirm the PPA USB3 card V2 works well with Daphile, maybe the issue you heard about is more related to DAC specific.
  12. Hello I have some questions for experts. Has someone compared Sotm VS PPA cards using Daphile ? About the new sotm Hdd filter, do you think it is better to not filter the sata signal ? thx
  13. Hello The philosophy is as usual : low TDP but keep power. As stated I would go for i5, i7 or Xeon, best would be "T" models with 35W max TDP. Motherboard, I would go for one that can be handle new SSD M.2 onboard (ex : H97 & Z97 chipset). If HDD (for streamer), my prefered choice is "red" series (for NAS) from Western Digital. If USB output : PPA or Sotm USB card Case : Fanless, from Streacom or HFX PSU : ideal is ATX linear PSU, otherwise linear one with pico PSU. Soft : Prefered choice is Daphile over Windows + Jplay Overall setup : 2 PC's : "streamer" + "audio" Rgds
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