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    Article: Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Reference Series Review

    man, i sure can see the parts price has upped dramatically. Peering through the top via the supplied picture, looks like they've spent at least $60-$70 on parts now!
  2. David Hyman

    Article: CES 2014 In Words

    btw, our beloved pearl jam presses the shit of their dynamics!
  3. David Hyman

    Article: CES 2014 In Words

    : )
  4. David Hyman

    Article: CES 2014 In Words

    i'm sitting here listening to gimmie shelter by the rolling stones. compressed? yes. zeppelin compressed? yes. beatles? yes. to say "too compressed" is weighing in your artistic opinion over someone elses. everything that isn't jazz or classical is compressed. rick also made avett brothers, johnny cash, petty wildflowers, etc. this music is all on audiophiles' short lists. so look at the full picture. sometimes, pop music is compressed. that's the way it goes.
  5. Greetings Folks, For some reason, playing back my ripped SACD's with Aurdirvana coupled to my Devialet leveraging a Weiss INT 202 is causing seriously bizarre play back. Track's volume is variable within a song, fluctuating up and down at any moment. Sounds awfully psychedelic in a not pleasing way! Anyone know what the cause could be? i believe my settings are all good. When i rip the SACD's to PCM with Audiogate, it's no problem. Blech. Help!??