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  1. Good question. I was not really sure about that with my iFi Pro iDSD. Now with my Matrix X-Sabre Pro my opinion is the changed rtirq.conf has a positive effect. The X-Sabre doesn't need the 5V for the handshake. Maybe that's a reason, too. I "only" have an iFi iPower 12V for the Element H at the moment. I plan to install Windows Server 2019 on this system on tuesday. Have a spare 32Gb Optane stick for this.
  2. Yes, you can adjust the rtirq.conf file even on Euphony without asking Željko. I have tried to describe it here
  3. Great! Thank you! That must be new. I was talking to Željko about access to the web interface of HQPe a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Wow! What's the username and password for HQPe? That's new to me that's possible to access the web interface of HQPe on Euphony.
  5. I start to believe that Euphony is rather something for systems without such PCIe cards. The irqs of the mainboard USB ports get realtime priority by default (the same in Audiolinux). These PCIe cards (in my case a Matrix Element H) use a different irq without rt priority. The good thing is it's possible to adjust the rtirq.conf. Btw, I had a Windows Server 2019 system in core mode before (on my former computer) and have changed to Euphony but I am curious if my Matrix Element H will bring more benefit in a Windows system. I will give it a try on weekend.
  6. I think I understand you. My "problem" is that AL and Euphony gives rt priority to the usb ports from the mainboard by default. Imho this doesn't seem to make any sense when you have a PCIe card like the Element H.
  7. @bobfa Hi Bob, what happened to your Element H card. Do you still have it? Mario
  8. Ah yes, Roon is really the answer with the DS DAC and its Bridge II. I had this PS Audio DAC and the Bridge II until summer of last year. Roon and MQA worked well via the Bridge II. My new X-Sabre Pro (MQA) does accept MQA via USB only whereas the iFi Pro iDSD (it replaced the DS DAC) even accepts MQA through all inputs.
  9. Euphony has pass through ability. In case you have a MQA-ready DAC give Tidal a try with the Stylus Player (or with Roon).
  10. From my memory, yes. With help of Sonore's UPnP app. It is based on the UPnP/DLNa-bridge plugin for LMS. I had the microRendu and it worked rock stable. Please have a look at the manual 'How to use JPLAY FEMTO with Roon?'. You don't need to do the first four steps just activate the LMS support in Roon and activate the UPnP app on your Sonore endpoint.
  11. From my memory the iFi Pro iDSD was able to play 48k DSD with its first firmware and lost this ability with the MQA-ready firmware.
  12. I see. I have my Freya from Schiit-NL. The funny thing was they sent me the Gungnir Multibit in a Freya carton, first. I was wondering when I unwrapped the device. I missed the four tube holes and the volume knob. The rc, the manual for the Freya and also the tubes were inside the package. The carton looked untouched so I guess someone mixed up the Gumby with the Freya when wrapping the package. For a moment I was thinking to keep the Gumby and to order the Freya once again. 😎
  13. I had a similar problem with my USB stick after disabling ramroot and rebooting. The reboot didn't work or I was not that patient. I even re-flashed the USB stick with the Euphony-ramroot image but then I remembered that I already had some issues with this USB stick before when it got too hot. And the stick was very hot when I removed it from my NUC. Well, for now I use the stick for the NUC (as endpoint) only to boot Euphony to RAM. Then I remove the stick.
  14. Please have a look here (first pic): https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/55916-euphony-os-wstylus-player-setup-and-issues-thread/page/16/?tab=comments#comment-971780 It is a cpu with 6 physical cores. HT is activated.
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