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  1. I am using Roon but tried the Stylus and HQPlayer also. At least as long as it possible with the HQPlayer. It needs a restart "now and then" so for the serious use case I am using Roon. Hmm.. I don't dare to say anything about the impact on sound quality. I like its form factor and what I have read about the 3d-xpoint memory. I like that I could remove the ssd, the sata- and power cables. I also deactivated the sata-ports in the BIOS. So belated thanks to @lmitche for opening the Optane thread and bumping me and others on this topic.
  2. It is possible to install the trial on hd/ssd. I did it with booting an Ubuntu USB stick and the tool/program Disks. Before you must unzip the euphony image and moving it to a second USB stick. At the moment I have Euphony installed on an Optane 32GB SSD. Euphony replaced a Windows Server 2019 core installation with Fidelizer and AO. All I can say is I am not in the mood to change to Windows again. Some pics:
  3. Not that professional made clip and neither that effective as the Shunyata but well... I think it is ok: 🙂 Keces BP-600 with a Power Dectet behind The strange thing (to me) is the/my Power Dected reduces the EMI even more but not for its sockets but for the sockets in the "neighborhood". The Keces reduces the EMI for the sockets behind only. So two Power Dectets in parallel should do a good job, too.
  4. Bad news. I have the NUC7CJYH and tried to boot from two USB sticks without success. Our NUCs doesn't support Legacy USB. NUC7xJY_TechProdSpec (page 58). And pls have a look at page 60. There you find the point 3.7.4 Power Button Menu.
  5. Hi Bob, thank you very much for this thread. I downloaded Euphony last night and was testing Roon core with HQPlayer embedded. I must say I liked what I heard but it seems my USB stick is not made for this kind of continuous operation. I still want to give Euphony a try as endpoint for Roon and HQPlayer.
  6. Hi, I fear you will have to reset the BIOS by clearing the CMOS. I had to do the same a couple of months ago. I thought that activating fast boot is a good thing. Maybe it is as long as you don' t need to enter the BIOS. 🙂
  7. Concerning the UPnP-bridge thing indeed all the kudos belong to Mr DC from that Jplay forum. And yes, useful things should be shared. Cheers!
  8. Let me quote Mr Feickert (vinyl lovers should have heard about him) from a German forum (translated by Google): I have tested it with my phase tester. It's true behind the Keces (the transformer) it lightens on both sides.
  9. Copycat! 😎 I now have a Keces BP-600 in use and "behind" the Keces it doesn't matter how to plug the plug. At least from a technical view.
  10. I have sold the Mani and am waiting for the iPhono 2 now. And this issue with the beta 2.0 posted in the "other" thread is fixed now with 2.01. Thanks!
  11. Hmm.. I better should have waited with the update until tomorrow.. lol. I downloaded the Win_iFi_Pro_iDSD_XMOS_V2.01.bin file and the update went smoothly but now I have the version 1.38 installed for some reason. And of course I have lost the MQA-ability of the 2.00 beta that was installed before. Could you check the download file please? Bedtime here. Good night. Mario
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