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  1. I guess I wrote something wrong. You don't use the Stylus player when activating 'Roon core + Stylus EP'. Stylus EP understands different audio protocols. For using the Stylus player you must activate 'Stylus' then there is the Stylus protocol in use (in this case you need a second Euphony system where you start 'Stylus EP'. You can use Stylus EP also with Squeezelite 'slimproto' protocol and/or HQPlayer protocol. I prefer the HQP protocol and therefore I use 'Roon core + Stylus EP' most of the time. Sometimes I switch to 'Stylus' (I have a second Euphony-NUC running as Stylus EP) to
  2. You don't need a HQPlayer embedded licence in this case. Stylus EP means that you use Roon and Euphony's Stylus player. To realize this the Euphony team is using the HQPlayer protocol. I am pretty happy with this solution and use it for a couple of months though I have a HQPe licence, too.
  3. I just have sold my Element H because of the 1411.2/1536kHz thing.
  4. My Spring 2 came with the 30.14 firmware. I downloaded the USB driver/firmware package from the Kitsune site.
  5. I am on the fifth day of my Diretta trial. I use it with Roon and also have tried it with HQPlayer (and Roon). Amazing what software can do. Usually I am using Roon under Euphony and their Stylus endpoint feature. Diretta makes the sound somehow more full, more present. I am bad in describing things in English. Thanks to ipv6 I could use the second ethernet NIC of my mainboard with Diretta. Interesting the throughput with Diretta to my NUC as Target compared with HQPlayer when used my NUC as NAA via this second ethernet NIC: It's
  6. I have installed Roon Bridge and HQPlayer on the same Windows machine and use Sync S and LNS15 with Wasapi.
  7. I have two Euphony NUCs and can switch the web interface between them by this feature. Also nice that I can shutdown both at once now.
  8. I don't have a Gigabyte board with DAC-UP USB ports. 🙂
  9. I replaced my Matrix Audio Element H USB PCIe card by a cheap Asmedia 3142 card today and to my surprise the playback of 1411.2 and 1536 kHz PCM is possible with my Spring 2 DAC. Afaik the JCAT USB XE comes with the same controller.
  10. I bought my Neo iDSD here: projekt-akustik. As already said it is not a streamer. If you rather are looking for a streamer I would watch the Matrix Audio mini-i pro 3. The hope is it still gets the Roon certification and/or they make the mini ready for Tidal connect.
  11. You can open the HQPe setting page under ip_address_of_your_euphony:8089 user: euphony password: euphony
  12. Congrats, Gabriel! Probably the T+A SDV 3100 HV is a must have for such a hardcore HQPlayer user like you and also nice you have a remote control again. 😉
  13. That's strange. My HQPlayer fingerprint has never changed after any Euphony update.
  14. My X-SPDIF 2 is set to def B. I didn't have any pops but I have sold my Pegasus several weeks ago.
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