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  1. You can use Stylus with the HQPe as playback engine. Please have a look at the Stylus settings.
  2. To add your HQPlayer license you must purchase the Euphony license before. With the Euphony trial you only can use HQPlayer in its trial mode. Please note that you have no access to the web interface of HQPlayer embedded. Besides there are still some issues to set the noise shaper of your choice for PCM resampling and you only have the choice of DSD or PCM as Upsampling mode. Auto is missing. Željko wants to fix this in the next release. As workaround to set the noise shaper and the Auto mode I use the Android app HQPDcontrol. This works until the next boot of Euphony or restart of HQPlayer.
  3. Am I the only one who is using the HQPlayer on Euphony? I can not save any changings in the settings with the new release. I wonder if someone other can confirm this. Already have addressed it to Zeljko.
  4. The new release is out! You can choose Roon together with Squeezelite or StylusEP beside Roon + HQPlayer now. I think the next choosable thing should be Roon + HQPlayer + StylusEP then. 😎 The HQPlayer includes all the filters now but I can not save any setting there now. Hmm.. More expert settings now:
  5. So meanwhile, I have bought the Euphony license (and also HQPlayer embedded *ouch*). Thanks again to @bobfa for pointing me to Euphony. I must say Zeljko is offering great support. I have the Matrix Element H USB 3.0 PCIe card in use so the realtime priorities in rtirq.conf for USB on Euphony (and the same on Audiolinux) seem to be rather useless for my use case. Zeljko was offering to adjust the rtirq.conf via rc. I could adjust it by myself "offline" by booting a Ubuntu Live USB stick and mounting the Euphony partitions with it (the handling with Audiolinux and Gentooplayer before was a good school). Zeljko has made a screenshot from my rcstatus via rc that confirmed the higher realtime priority for the from the Matrix card used irq now. Using an ASRock Z390M-itx/ac mainboard I like the network interface bridging feature very much of course. A simple press on the Bridge button caused a reboot and voilà! I never have seen it that easy. The HQPlayer is missing some of the new filters (sync m or closed form m). They will be added in the next release. Of course I would like to have full access to the HQPe settings but understand that Euphony doesn't want the user diving too deep into the in part confusing settings of HQPlayer. The plan is to buy two more Optane sticks for installing Audiolinux and Windows Server 2019 on them. Though I like Euphony very much I can not stop tinkering for some reason. 🙂
  6. When you place the image on your USB stick with help of Etcher or similar it is not an image anymore. You have two or three partitions on your USB stick then. So yes, I did it with a fresh (unzipped) euphony.img file that I copied onto a second USB stick (the first USB stick was the Linux live stick).
  7. To be honest I have no idea. I gave that way (decribed for Audiolinux) a try and it worked. Not sure if you must adjust the boot parameter when you clone your USB stick. You can try it and in case the cloning doesn't work you can go the "restore the image" way.
  8. You can install the euphony image on the Optane stick this way: http://www.modelpromo.nl/AudioLinux-part2.htm
  9. The NUC7CJYH (and NUC7PJYH) doesn' support Legacy unfortunately.
  10. @Poldi & @mikicasellas I am the number three here, I can not boot my NUC7CJYH. I only see the Euphony boot menu but I don't get an error message. Only the not stopping countdown loop (I didn' t keep pressing 'Enter').
  11. You can install the update via the Euphony menu. I just updated my trial. There are so-called Expert settings now (under System) where you can set the parameters for Squeezelite and also min/max CPU frequence.
  12. Maybe you should place your question in this thread: iFi's Pro iDSD (official) - NEW Firmware - MQA and more
  13. You still have to add the mounted drive to your library under "Action" (the three dots).
  14. Yes, I have a 32 GB Optane stick in my "music server". You must unpack the Euphony image from the euphony.img.gz file before so that you have an euphony.img file. This file you move to a normal USB stick. Then you must boot your pc with a Linux Live USB stick. I used Ubuntu. It comes with useful tools as Gparted and Disks.With Disks you can restore the image. Just choose the euphony.img file from the normal USB stick.
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