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  1. € 15400 according to the price list of this German shop
  2. I was talking to Cao Wei from Matrix Audio. There is no plan on updating the X-SPDIF 2 now. All their energy are used to the new mini-i series DACs at the moment.
  3. Thank you for mentioning the Singxer! Interesting device. The Accusilicon clocks seem to be the same. I wonder when you set the switch 2 (seems to be master/word clock) 'ON' if you can use then the X-Sabre Pro in slave mode as with the X-SPDIF 2. Did you ask the Matrix Audio support or Singxer support? Maybe Matrix Audio will release a kind of X-SPDIF-3 soon.. 🙂 Preferebly with ethernet beside usb input and Roon-readyness. *I am just dreaming*
  4. Hi, I also own the Matrix X-Sabre Pro (MQA). Its USB input is for my Euphony NUC and Roon. The IIS input is for my Windows computer running JPLAY and HQPlayer (I use a X-SPDIF 2 for the IIS input though DSD1024 is neither possible via the X-SPDIF 2). I am not the upsampling guy anymore. Not with this DAC atleast. So, when I boot the Windows computer I prefer JPLAY to HQPlayer. Well, we should ask the Matrix Audio support how they have managed DSD1024 via IIS.
  5. Version 712 is released and HQPlayer protocol via StylusEP is working again!
  6. Hi Rajiv, I guess you are using the Squeezebox protocol? Unfortunately the HQPlayer protocol via StylusEP doesn't work anymore with the current version. Therefore I have reverted one of my two Euphony NUCs to version 430. Another support ticket. Poor Željko. 🙂
  7. Hi John, I have attached my USB disk at the Euphony/HQPlayer NUC today. I had to switch to Stylus to mount/attach the USB disk and its music partition. /data/1.42.6-24922/ is the music partition in my case. Then I switched to HQPlayer embedded. In the web interface I typed /data/1.42.6-24922/ as library path and pushed the 'scan' button. The NUC was busy then for the next minutes scanning all the folders. I just listen via HQPlayer embedded standalone without Roon or something else in front. I use the Android app HQPDcontrol. I would have made some pics but I am in a hurry.
  8. Ok, I found out user name and password by trial and error. I will have a further look tomorrow. Bedtime here.
  9. Yes, I am using Roon in front of HQPlayer. I mean I feed HQPe from another Euphony NUC running Roon there. How do you want to feed HQPe with songs? I just opened the web interface. I guess I forgot user name and password. Do you know about them?
  10. Hmm.. no NAA needed here. I just activated my other Euphony NUC and started HQPe there. It does play direct to the DAC. There must be activated "Default output" (instead of NAA) under Output in the HQPlayer settings.
  11. You can chose HQPlayer embedded under Audio systems. Is that not what you want? I also have a HQPlayer 4 Desktop version for my Windows system and a HQPe licence I still have to transfer on my new Euphony NUC.
  12. I received my Musician Pegasus today. My first R2R DAC. Indeed I was about to order a Pontus II but thanks to this thread I decided for the Pegasus. I like its form factor and of course the price point. The Pegasus won't replace my Matrix X-Sabre Pro (MQA). The plan is to use the Pegasus with HQPlayer via USB. Its I2S input works with my Matrix X-SPDIF 2 very well. Afaik they communicate via 'PS Audio mode'. The odd thing is (to me) the USB input gets deactivated when you chose another input so my HQPlayer 4 Desktop was complaining several times after a system boot that it can not find the DAC
  13. @audiofool1982 Hmm.. maybe it is even possible with Audiolinux bootet in RAM. Maybe an Audiolinux user can give you support. Or with help of a Linux Live USB drive. I use for such things Ubuntu. Then start the programm GParted and remove all the Audiolinux partitions so the Optane drive is blank. Just found there is a GParted Live for USB drives. Good luck!
  14. Did you make the installation on your hard disk/ssd at all? After updating the registration code Euphony does offer this install option. The hard disk/ssd must be blank. Did you remove the Audiolinux installation before? https://euphony-audio.com/hesk/knowledgebase.php?article=2
  15. Some BIOS support the boot from USB first. When I remember right as long as you don't remove the USB drive the server should boot from USB again. About installing Euphony on hard disk/ssd: - https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/55916-euphony-os-wstylus-player-setup-and-issues-thread/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-941032 or - https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/55916-euphony-os-wstylus-player-setup-and-issues-thread/page/15/?tab=comments#comment-969660
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