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  1. From ASR Forum: Measurements & Preview of Holo Audio Spring 3 DAC / wPreamp (Prototype)
  2. With sata power cables. It seems the Spring 2 and I guess the May need them for the handshake. With my former Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro I didn't need any power cable. The smaller cable in the pic is for the NUC. I don't remember anymore if it was part of the package.
  3. Hi Ted, with my Spring 2 DAC I had success with two Asmedia 3142 cards (El Cheapo and JCAT USB XE).
  4. In case someone is interested... pm me. Preferably from EU. I offer my Diretta stick.
  5. Did you change the firmware from version 30.14 to 30.12? And then there was something about that Intel USB ports are prefered.
  6. PCM 1411.2 and 1536 kHz playback is possible at least with my Spring 2 DAC and Asmedia 3142. Spring 2 and May have the same firmware versions 30.12 and 30.14 so the result should be the same. I have purchased this card. Additionally, I have the JCAT USB XE built in my "main audio-pc". For this audio-pc (Intel i7-8700) I have two installations (HQPlayer OS and Win 10 LTSC 2019 each of them on a 32 GB Optane stick) I swap now and then. At the moment I use Win 10 for playing with JPLAY and Diretta and HQPlayer Desktop. I have made a short clip. Sorry for the quality. You see my NUC7i7
  7. Spasibo bolshoe for mentioning the PURE firmware! I have reactivated my dusty BBB and have Tidal Connect now! Besides NAA (not yet tested) and more.
  8. Die JCAT sollte unter USB-Controller zu finden sein: Asmedia oder so. (Sorry for German)
  9. Holzohr

    HQ Player

    Not sure if it the same with Spring 2 and May DAC but I had to install a different firmware to make my Spring 2 ready for 1411/1536kHz. It came with the '768kHz firmware' to be compatible with JCAT USB Femto and Matrix Element H. (I see 1024x in the display.) I am not at home at the moment so please check the Kitsune site for the firmware versions.
  10. Holzohr

    HQ Player

    Do you have a NAS for your music? Maybe it's the Samba version thing again. I had to activate the Samba version 3 on my Synology NAS. Though the latest HQPe version offers support for Samba version 1.
  11. It is possible with a m.2 to PCIe adapter. The drawback is you can not use a m.2 ssd in this case. I am just playing with this solution: m.2 to PCIe adapter plus JCAT USB XE. The NUC (NUC7i7DNKE) is booting either from a Diretta stick or from a NAA stick. I think about purchasing a HDPLEX H1 V3 case plus NUC Kit plus m.2 to PCIe riser.
  12. What DAC are you using? About Euphony Stylus and JPLAY Femto I had a similar feeling:
  13. Holzohr

    HQ Player

    All I wanted to say was that Auralic and Lumin use OpenHome instead of just UPnP. You may check this and ask them why.
  14. Holzohr

    HQ Player

    Lumin and Auralic use OpenHome when I remember right. I had an Aries Femto many years ago and added BubbleUPnP to my Minimserver at that time.
  15. Lol, that's what I should do, too! But right now I am thinking hard about purchasing the JCAT USB XE card from @StreamFidelity 😆 I have reactivated my Level Pilot again and placed it between the Spring 2 and my active speakers. It is really a neat volume control though I have read about a mismatch between left and right channel after a certain time of use. At least in this case you will be safe with the Serene. 🙂 Left the Surface Dial, very useful for Roon (plus HQPlayer) users. Right the Level Pilot. Sorry for pic quality.
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