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  1. Dear Superdad, a number of people have been experimenting with adding ultracaps to the output of LPS and found sonic benefits. Several LPS have UCs as part of the design, including Allo's Shanti and Farad's Super3 etc. IanCanada has done a lot of work and reported SQ benefits with UCs. See https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/power-supplies/327105-develop-ultra-capacitor-power-supply-lifepo4-battery-power-supply.html Greg Stewart has found that increasing the capacity of UCs delivers better SQ. See #430 Of course, we must not forget the venerable LPS-1.2. Denis
  2. Hi allo.com Is it valid to assume that Shanti has overload protection. If a load attempts to draw more than 3A on the 3A rail, what happens? Does Shanti shut down? Or limit the output current by sagging the output voltage? Or what? What does Shanti do if I attach a very large UltraCapacitor to the output, say a pair of 3500F Maxwells in series? Does this cause a current surge and damage the Shanti? Or does Shanti protects itself?
  3. Fascinating as usual Greg. Thanks. Where do you get the UCs - from Mouser? Have you tried the AliExpress ones? Besides bigger is better, do the UC brands make much difference? How to get a current limiter? Best rgds, Denis
  4. Very impressive jean-michel So you were comparing FLAC or DSD files played on your supermicro server, eR and eRED-DOCK chain against the APL CD/SACD Transport? What did the APL play - files or discs?
  5. It's good practice to leave these relatively low power units on all the time for best sound. You can always try putting components on a power conditioner to see if there is an improvement (with the possible exception of power amplifiers, especially class A amps which are much more demanding of instantaneous power and thus may suffer in dynamics if the conditioner is not up to snuff.) You may not find much improvement for Shanti, but that depends on how dirty your power is and how good (as in sensitive) the rest of your system is.
  6. The Shanti has quite massive capacitor bank after the rectifiers as filter, plus super caps at the output to give low impedance and fast response to current demand. Naturally these take time to discharge after power off. This is quite normal for such premium design. I normally leave the Shanti on all the time. It does not get hot when there's no load. Denis
  7. Hey Nenon, saw your original post back in july. Glad you remind us. A rough est to make a 1 foot Mundorf Silver/Gold cable would be around USD 100, right. That sounds like an amazing step up compared to a 1 foot Ghent Neotech 7N for US$79. What other parts to buy to make a 1 foot JSSG360 version? Will PM you. Denis
  8. Hi Franz Would you say using a server like LMS is much better than having your music in just a NAS or USB stick in terms of usability and also in terms of SQ? Denis
  9. Wow, MoOde 6.4 is a pleasant surprise - sounds better, more nuanced and more dynamic. Haven't done an A/B so maybe anticipation bias! But I like it much. In-place upgrade was completely painless. Thanks MoOde / Tim Curtis. And thanks Bob for an excellent review. I was about to go down the road of comparing MoOde with Volumio and other player SW. You saved me the hassle and learning curve. I would say USBridge Sig + Shanti is giving me the best SQ so far from computer music. I installed Rigelian on my iPhone and iPad. Lovely app. Thanks Richard Dale Denis
  10. Does Shanti have over-current or over-load protection. What would happen if output sees a short circuit?
  11. Which is more important? Output impedance? Regulation speed? Frequency response? PSRR/noise? Would be difficult to understand in a mult-variable system, obviously. Technical arguments are difficult to be conclusive because of the relative weights of the positive and negative factors are difficult to pin down. Perhaps a comparison (in terms of SQ) of the 2 circuits would give good support as to which approach is better (or same) in a typical digital and/or analog application. Such a test setup may not be too difficult to arrange. Of course, SQ as perceived by listeners are subjective - but this is par for the course.
  12. The latest review of USBridge Sig by Hans Beekhuyzen has just been posted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GV03z6kQq7w I very much concur with the observations - Allo has knocked it out of the park with USBridge Sig when paired with the excellent Shanti LPSU. Denis
  13. I ordered USBridge Sig, eMMC, case for USB Sig & DigiOne Sig, plus Shanti on Oct4. Ord# #006544 Total price US$474.65 = CAD656.05 including US$48.90 shipping. Got msg from Fedex today Oct 15 that pkg has arrived at their facility here in Toronto, Canada. And Fedex wants me to pay CAD84.88 for duty & import tax before they will deliver. It this a mistake? I have bought lots of electronics parts before but didn't have to pay duty&tax. Pls clarify ASAP. Den
  14. So if I'm planning for USBridge Sig + DigiOne Sig + Katana, I'll need two Shanti?
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