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  1. k6davis

    HQ Player

    I had a similar issue previously with my NAA setup, except it was cutting off the first few seconds of each track. I reverted back to an older version of the NAA image (sorry, I can't remember which one) and everything worked perfectly.
  2. They are supposed to represent the best songs on the album I never was sure who's was deciding that.
  3. You make good points and are far more reasonable than I on Roon, because I was emotionally attached to it. Sounds silly as I type it, but it is the portal through which I accessed music, which is hugely important to me. Users are not allowed to downgrade, get nags if they don't upgrade and while Roon isn't threatening to kill 1.7 outright, any back-end changes they make will not have it in mind. So it will likely gradually stop working. There's certainly no assurance that I can continue to use it. The only thing I disagree with you on is Roon's development style not bei
  4. It's take it or leave it because Roon is software as a service. I paid for it, but I don't own the software and can only use it on their terms. Given that, it's especially unfortunate and highly unusual that the company is so comfortable making major and unnecessary changes to their product, to things that were working well and that people were largely pleased with. If the next iOS or Android was this different from the current version, in such arbitrary ways, and users were forced to upgrade to it, there would be an uproar. But of course, that scenario is unimaginable. Apple and Google are mu
  5. I think this is definitely the case. They should have just done that for the the mobile versions without making so many alterations to the desktop versions. I really miss seeing Recommended Albums at the top of the page. I suspect that's true. In the above picture you posted, on the bottom left, the artist name is truncated/cut off due to lack of space. "Pat Metheny, Christian McBride, Antoni...". Plus the font is tiny. It's nice to be able read that, especially when you've moved the main page to an album that's not playing. Y
  6. Yeah, but they couldn't put the review beside the title, because most album titles are longer than "Day Trip". And the artist name in the second image is truncated. I really appreciate you guys, but I've made my feelings known on this. I don't want to hog the thread, being repetitive. I have 1.7 and I'm good. If that stops working, I'll have decisions to make.
  7. What you've done here is 1000% more appealing than the stock version. Can you also change the font sizes? Even in your very nice enhancement: The album title is needlessly big, and needlessly split on to two lines The upper right hand corner of the screen is a vast expanse of nothing You can't see even the first song without scrolling The font size for the song titles (if you could see them) is so small it's unpleasant for me to read, though it may be easier with a color scheme like this You can't see any album recommendations without scrol
  8. It looked like this in 1.7. The waveform stretched across the entire screen which looked cool and made it far easier to use. They also put the currently playing artist and title above the the waveform. That way there was room for long titles without them being truncated. The way things are now, both elements are compromised, IMO.
  9. I agree with this. They had some issues out of the gate, but things seem to be working fine. And things that are obvious bugs (shuffle, etc) will get fixed. I don't agree with this. But that's a matter of taste and opinion. Some of us find the new UI to be very unpleasant to use compared to 1.7, but we are not the majority. You may love it. I'm using 1.7 until it stops working or 1.8 moves more in my direction, which I don't think it will.
  10. This is a key point. Depending on your control device, the use cases are wildly different. For example, users who only use Tidal/Qobuz have never seen a Roon waveform before. So the fact that it's small now has zero impact on them. People who use it on a phone have never seen the sidebar before. So its absence means absolutely nothing to them. It used to be that the desktop app was primary and the mobile apps were secondary, but it appears that Roon has gone mobile first. Fonts are smaller, images are bigger, everything requires scrolling now and there are wide open empty spaces e
  11. k6davis

    HQ Player

    I have high hopes, given that this is just the first gen and lowest end version. More powerful Apple Silicon system will certainly be forthcoming. But knowing you, you'll write something that taps them out too!! 😂
  12. I couldn't agree more. The white huge font (for things I don't need to read) combined with the white tiny font (for things I do need to read) on the (literally) black background along with smaller icons, waveform and the vast amount of empty space... I just can't. It hurts my mind. And that's just the look of it, let alone the changes to the way things work. It's like they asked me to tell them everything I liked about Roon and then said, "Great! Okay. We're gonna move or remove all of that. And then change the way nearly everything works, in ways that no one was asking for!"
  13. k6davis

    HQ Player

    Wow!! I hadn't heard of anybody getting that to work without a CUDA card. The M1 chip continues to impress me.
  14. I hate it. I couldn't really stand to even look at it or use it after a while. I used a clone I made of my hard drive to revert back to 1.7 and I couldn't be happier. It's genuinely fascinating how people can look at the same thing and feel so differently about it. Doesn't make anybody right or wrong, of course. Roon 1.8 has been controversial. Based on a poll in the Roon forum, over 30% of the users agree with me. Not a majority, but not an insignificant number either. The people who like it or feel neutral about it don't understand the vitriol of those of us who don't
  15. What people are saying in the Roon forum is that if you have, say, 10,000 tracks, shuffle will sort them alphabetically (by artist, I presume) and only play music from the first 5,000. So you'd never hear music from the second half of your library. Which is not the desired effect for this function at all. Sounds like a bug that I'm sure they'll fix.
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