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  1. Andy..dave smith here..my profile was the first in this great site. Have you had the chance to meet Doug White of 'thevoicethatis' who lives just outside of Philly..?.If not i would suggest going to his website and getting together with doug, who is a great guy and has a fabulous audio boutique at his house. He lives close to the 'White Manor' golf club...He and his wife Celeste are wonderful people..just a thought..dave..I have been a PA for >45 years..A good friend of mine in the Va/NC area is a Magico dealer....very nice speakers..
  2. Dan River Mills went the way of almost all textile mills in the states did about 20+ years ago. All the buildings on the main area on S.Main have been removed..Sad. GoodYear Tire is the main employer in Danville employing about 3000. It is their largest truck and airplane tire plant in the USA.
  3. Peter..the two principals are very good friends and i would not wish to say anything that might affect our relationship.I'm sure you can respect that..
  4. gmgraves..Yes..CEs...had many a great meal there. It is, sadly, gone now. If you worked at WBTM then you have to know Alex Vardavas...!..Yes..he and WBTM are still operating.The Last Confederacy' building is still there also.Very 'small world..!Thats for the reply
  5. Nikhil..thanks for the reply..I listen to most genres but love classical ...60s,70s,and 80s rock.I also have learned to love jazz through two great friends Doug White of 'thevoicethatis' and Bill Wells of Stereotimes.
  6. With the latest Lumin upgrade there is almost no stuttering ....I have listened the last 3 nights and the hiya morning and none at all.there still is a lag ....but improved....in the time between tracks,however but the stuttering has all but disappeared.
  7. randyhat..the problem is not yours alone. most, if not all of us, are having similar issues.I did not have any problems night before last with an entire nights listening to my MQA albums and others. That was after a Tidal update that i hope..was added to begin fixing the dropout / stuttering problems. It certainly could be a game changer for me too if this is not fixable..it is truly aggravating..!!
  8. last night was the second night with Tidal. the first night went great without any problem. last night ..after logging on the last track played the previous night...'hotel california' began to play. i hit the 'pause' button and IMMEDIATELY the music changed to a > 100 db white noise through both speakers that i could not shut off with the app on my ipad....i had to power down the PSU on my Lumin player...any ideas...i do not want to try again as i am afraid it will hurt the my system..
  9. Chris...i have a standard CenturyLink modem connected to my Cisco router with standard Cat 5E ethernet cable that then connects to my Lumin A1 Player...question..if i was to employ the Vodka Cat7 cable from the modem ..connected to the Baaske MI-1005 and then use the Vodka again to connect to my Cisco router and then..because of a 50' run to my Lumin ..continue to use the Cat 5E cable would i notice an improvement in sound with the new modem to router setup..?..i don't want to spend the $ if there probably isn't going to make a difference..thanks..dave smith...by the way...Great thread..
  10. Did you do a comparison,from a sound standpoint, to the Lumin Network Music Player..? i realize they are different ....
  11. the Lumin is much more analogue sounding than the PWD...transients are quicker with more punch. depth and width of soundstage is better.there is a more natural sound to the music .AND..it does DSD..also..MINIM..which is what i use as a server is superb and the Kinsky app is light years ahead of Elyric....you can easily create playlists and play as many tracks as you want with one touch of the Kinsky screen.Life is great and my music is a huge part of it now..
  12. .....just my 2-cents on the subject player...i have had mine for about 4-5 months. it replaced a PS Audio PWD MKII. to my ears..it is everything and more that is detailed in the review. it couldn't be more user friendly. i use 'MinimServer' through my imac and use 'Kinsky' as my ipad app to controll it. i have had no gliches with it and sonically it is superb.the '$7200' is a relative price. i was fortunate to buy it at a price less than the $7200 currently being quoted but given its superb design and workmanship and its great sound and the fact that it does 'DSD' makes it a no brainer even a
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