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  1. My favorite contemporary jazz singer by far is Cécile McLorin Salvant. She is at a totally different level compared to current singers imo.
  2. Nice selections. There are so many great pianists, maybe not our age but just our sensibilities differ and give us our different favorites. Tatum and Oscar technically the best but sometimes my least favorites. Give me Monk and Bill Evans and I am in another place in time. Nobody has mentioned Horace Silver yet, one of my favorites.
  3. The Pi2aes is a totally different device. It has serious clocks and regulation, it is an excellent unit. I am currently using it I2s and I am very impressed. It is a bargain at the asking price.
  4. They seem pretty similar. The Gustard output stage is different, it does has higher output, and is cheaper. Worth a listen.
  5. I don’t disagree with using a better fuse than the stock one. In my experience usually these differences are relatively small in the big scheme of things.
  6. I think allot of talk about the fuse for a $700 dac. IMO the fuse will make little difference. Not worth spending $150 for in this application IMO. Fast blow is also fine, it is not a power amp. Currently using the D90 I2s from a pi2aes, clearly better than usb imo.
  7. Thanks for the great article and the beautiful music. Some really good stuff and great singers many have mention. Looking forward to the next installment of some of your favorites. There are so many, but one of mine happens to be Twelve nights in Hollywood. Having Ella in the club is just mesmerizing. I sit and listen to the whole thing non stop and just smile.
  8. Hi Mike, I am currently listening to Elac UB5s . I played the LS 50s for about a week, I’ve also listen with Yamaha NS 1000s and Celestion SL700se. I did not find the DAC bright in my system, but very revealing and detailed, overall I am impressed with the sound quality. The front end that I’m using is a Shuttle I7 mini PC Running Win10 AO, Fidelizer, Roon with Jplay, Holo Titanis USB,- DAC direct to NC400s. I don’t go out of my way to play audiophile quality material, but I do try to avoid really bad recordings if possible. I have about 8TB local and also stream
  9. I also picked up a D90 to try and am impressed with it. i realy do not get brightness in the different setups I have tried it with. Have you tried adjusting your speakers a bit? Do you have the same impression with the LS50s? I have LS50s also.
  10. Your "dac1", isn't that a Khadas Tone Board Dac that you have put into your own box?
  11. Don't send yourApple Pie DAC to amir the great, he will turn it into applesauce. ?
  12. The pi shares the bus between USB and Ethernet, far from an ideal situation. The Hats connect via I2s from the Pi so you solve the shared bus problem. The DigiOne also re clocks and send a very clean super low jitter SPDIF signal to the DAC. Further improvement can be had by using a linear power supply.
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