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  1. AO 3.0 Beta 38 Short cuts showing up. windows 2019 Datacenter GUI build 437. sconfig works, but can not change network setting.(sconfig #8)
  2. OS: Windows server 2019 STD Core DAC/DDC: Rockna wavedream/Hydra-Z+ZPM Driver:Audiobyte_Hydra_USB_Drivers Need to press F8: NO Player: Jriver/foobar2000 KS working: YES WASAPI working: YES Needed HD Audio Driver: No
  3. install win2019 core exec ao b34 setup audiophile_core • U ultimate mode • 4 signature • D digital filter • Y Kernel-Streaming and MediaPlayer support • Y Roon & HQPlayer support • E HPET • Y disable/remove Windows Defender • D SEHOP • Y WASAPI / MMCSS • Y Disable SCSI • A Do not turn off display • E USB optimisation • Y Disable drivers and services • Y Disable Plug and play • Y Disable AMD CP
  4. I have disabled secure boot, but it still doesn't work.
  5. I also have this problem now and disables driver signature every time when I start. I do not know how to solve?
  6. I just "extract" the ISO into the USB stick, but it's not work.
  7. Do you mean to put the windows.iso file into the USB Stick?
  8. I had the same problem, I plugged in the USB stick and still didn't work.
  9. Okay, I have emailed you the OS.txt for both version since they are both chinese.
  10. Hi Phil, I've tried using beta 14 on windows 10 home and also windows 10 LTSB chinese version, both of which gave me the "No compatible operating system found" error before quitting. Could you also give compatibility to those two versions? By the way, for AO which version of windows 10 would you recommend for best sound quality? Thanks.
  11. Sorry, what I meant was that I wasted an activation instance of AO 2.0 beta 7, not windows. I was referring to the fact that AO consumed an instance of activation and only afterward told me it was invalid. Sorry for the confusion everyone.
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