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  1. For anyone having difficulty connecting a new DAC to a Rendu, here's a sequence that worked systematically for me. It assumes you have more than one DAC in the house... 1. Unplug the Rendu 2. Power the "old" DAC (the one that the Rendu sees no problem), and plug the USB into the Rendu 3. Plug the Rendu to power it up, and go to sonicorbiter.com to access its home page 4. Go to Apps/DAC Diagnostics and make sure you see the old DAC; leave the web page opened 5. Unplug the USB cable from the Rendu (leave the Rendu powered on!) 6. Power the new DAC, plug
  2. @Cebolla, thanks for pointing this out, I read the first post quickly and saw it mentioned a Chord Mojo, which is one of the DACs I had issues connecting to initially, but didn't read the rest carefully. I will repost in a separate thread since Sonore removed a post of mine in their sponsored forum (about the possibility of backing up the original SD card on a disk image so as to be able to revert to an original image should anything go wrong with the Linux partitions on the card (which happens, and has happened to me and others), rather than have to pay US $20 plus the wait time for a new car
  3. Not visible on the network means you can’t access the sonicorbiter webpage, correct? I would simply unplug your Ethernet cable, then do a physical power down (unplug, wait 10 sec, replug the uR), replug the Ethernet cable into the uR, and then go into your wifi router settings to assign a permanent IP address to it, this way you know at which address it should be and you can create a shortcut/bookmark to go straight to the uR (rather than go to sonicorbiter.com first) Once you can access the uR in your browser, you can try what left channel suggests, or if all else fail
  4. Glad I could help. Let us know how you go playing from Audirvana uninterrupted, my connection to the Aries keeps dropping after a random single digit number of tracks, although all but one time I was able to resume playback by hitting play again in Audirvana. cheers
  5. Things evolve quickly, I think Miguelito's answer above is outdated. I'm using an Auralic Aries Mini with firmware v5.5.1 and I am using Audirvana Plus 3.2.8 The Mini has two work modes, Lighting Device vs UPnP. To switch between them: Within Lightning DS app, access Settings wheel (bottom left), press "Additional Operations" at the bottom of the Settings window, access Streamer Setup in the left column, scroll down to Streamer Mode/Work Mode, choose UPnP Renderer. It will interrupt the other input methods listed above the Streamer Mode box (AirPlay, Bluetooth, Roon an
  6. Chord Hugo 2's own wall-wart (see last parag.), continuously plugged in. Rob Watts, in many different forums, argued against using a different power supply for the Hugos (or Mojo) because of the internal architecture of his products (i.e. they can run on their own battery power for several hours). By the way, I used the exact same chain with the exact same powering sequence as above with a microRendu (running SO v2.6) instead of the UltraRendu, and it fails to see the Hugo 2 through the SoTM... Now using the mR in the office straight into a Mojo (no reclocker, just
  7. It took me a while to figure out how to make a reclocker work in the chain... (I do like the improvement to the sound, to my ears the SoTM tx-USBultra adds more air and more separation). So for the benefit of others: UltraRendu -> FigaroUSB -> SoTM tx-USBultra -> Curious USB -> Chord Hugo 2 To make it work: The SoTM USB port into which the Curious connects has to be powered ON Hugo ON *before* powering up the UltraRendu. (It seems the Hugo 2 should appear in the UltraRendu "Known Issues" on Sonore's support page (https://goo.gl/jrkr3v)
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