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  1. I am using a generic (super cheap) ethernet cable to the etherRegen, and then a DH Labs ethernet cable to the DAC.
  2. I have a U1 Mini and an X1, and found that the uptone etherRegen (using a DH Labs ethernet cable) was a huge upgrade for both. When I used both the U1 Mini and the X1 as a digital source for another DAC, I actually found the improvement from the etherRegen was bigger than the difference between the U1 Mini and the X1.
  3. I have reinstalled the 12 firmware on my Lumin X1 (thanks @wklie) and the sound is definitely improved. I found that the 13/13a firmware sounded thin and slightly noisy - and I don't usually pick up on differences between firmware versions. The 12 firmware sounds a little darker, fuller and weightier, with quieter backgrounds. I'd be interested to know if any other X1 owners have experienced anything similar with the latest firmware.
  4. I will try using the low volume setting. However, I find with Firmware 13 and 13a the sound is a little thinner and there is a little more background "hash" and high frequency noise. I definitely don't find it better. Is there a way to roll back to the previous firmware?
  5. Has anyone with a Lumin X1 noticed a change in sound quality with the 13 and 13a firmware? I may be imagining it, but there seems to be a subtle change with the most recent firmware, and not necessarily for the better.
  6. Twenty six posts, all taking pot shots at a single product. Someone seems to have an agenda.
  7. I think I would rather use a well implemented digital volume control than an analog attenuator, particularly if it's only a reduction of a few db.
  8. At least the X1 does have the option of a reduced output level through the Lumin app, which is helpful, and seems to solve the problem.
  9. It seems to overload the inputs of both my Ayre AX5 Twenty and my LFD NCSE, even though it is well within spec for the input on the Ayre. It also depends on the music - highly compressed music with a mostly high output level seems to fare worst.
  10. Is anyone else finding that the Lumin X1 output is very high? Compared to other dacs I have it seems to be significantly louder, and appears to overload the input on the preamp. I have tried it with two different amps, both from the RCA and XLR outputs and it seems to be consistent across all of them. I am having to run it at the lower volume setting to prevent distortion.
  11. I had the Chord DAVE/Blu 2. I now have the Lumin X1. Draw your own conclusion. This was my experience also. I seriously regretted buying the X1 in the first few weeks of owning it. It really did not sound very good. But over time its character transformed quite substantially, and now it sounds truly magnificent. I have owned a few Sabre dacs and in my experience they always take an unusually long time to burn in. The X1 probably took a few 300-400 hours before it started to show what it was capable of.
  12. Very good review, Chris. Did you happen top compare the RCA and XLR outputs? How does the X1 compare with the DCS Rossini listed in the Associated Equipment?
  13. Yes. I went from an Ultrarendu to a U1 Mini and noticed a significant improvement.
  14. That's unfortunate. But I'm still looking forward to your review.
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