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  1. Yes, I tried my 12v Teddy Pardo with the same result. The 7v is a Sonore Signature PSU.
  2. I think I spoke too soon. The ER seems to stop working after a while. It does get very hot - I wonder if it is overheating ...? This is using a 7v power supply.
  3. I've just reinstalled the ER again and it seems to be working without any problem. I'll give it some time but hopefully that means any issue has been resolved and it was just one of those things ...
  4. Thanks, Alex. It's not urgent, so please respond when you can but no hurry.
  5. It's not a network issue. The network works fine without the ER connected. I swapped in a conventional switch where the ER used to be and everything is working without problem.
  6. The ER was bought in March last year. I assume it is under warranty - I think I will be sending it back to Uptone for repair/replacement.
  7. How do I find these? I am a novice when it comes to networking. I'll have to reconnect the ER and see what effect it has on the router (which is in a different room).
  8. Yes, the internet connection drops out from all PCs and other devices on the network.
  9. Thanks, but that’s not quite the problem. The eR is working fine. But it causes my modem/router to lose the internet connection when it is connected to the network.
  10. I have been using the etherRegen without an issue for months. However, today it started to produce an odd result. When the eR was connected to my network, the internet connection would drop out. If I disconnected the eR to the network, the internet connection would reappear. I tried this multiple times to confirm that I was not imagining this. Presumably there is some kind of conflict between the eR and my modem/router. Any thoughts as to how to resolve this?
  11. I am using a generic (super cheap) ethernet cable to the etherRegen, and then a DH Labs ethernet cable to the DAC.
  12. I have a U1 Mini and an X1, and found that the uptone etherRegen (using a DH Labs ethernet cable) was a huge upgrade for both. When I used both the U1 Mini and the X1 as a digital source for another DAC, I actually found the improvement from the etherRegen was bigger than the difference between the U1 Mini and the X1.
  13. I have reinstalled the 12 firmware on my Lumin X1 (thanks @wklie) and the sound is definitely improved. I found that the 13/13a firmware sounded thin and slightly noisy - and I don't usually pick up on differences between firmware versions. The 12 firmware sounds a little darker, fuller and weightier, with quieter backgrounds. I'd be interested to know if any other X1 owners have experienced anything similar with the latest firmware.
  14. I will try using the low volume setting. However, I find with Firmware 13 and 13a the sound is a little thinner and there is a little more background "hash" and high frequency noise. I definitely don't find it better. Is there a way to roll back to the previous firmware?
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