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  1. Hi Tony, I've already sold my unit, but my friend has the identical unit bought at the same time for sale if you are interested. PM me for the details.
  2. Yes, a friend just decided to put his SSR up for sale too.
  3. @T-Bone FYI, I have an original Sonore Signature Rendu with I2S output for sale in the CA Buy & Sell Forum:
  4. For sale - Original Sonore Signature Series Rendu network audio renderer in excellent (9/10) condition. Original owner. If you have a DAC that takes I2S or SPDIF input, then this SSR will provide one of the best input signals among streamers today. Highly recommended by Computer Audiophile, particularly if you own a PS Audio DirectStream DAC. According to computer audio expert Ted Brady on the DS+SSR combo: "It was an audiophiles best dream, and an audio lovers best attempt of heaven on earth, a contender for one of two or three best audio listening sessions of my life." $1500, includes a 4
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