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  1. Any reason for not using the Z-NAND? It should have the lowest latency?
  2. Yes, I tried this method and its the best method that SQ is almost as same as to unplug the network cable. Since I only play local files, I installed a second JCAT Femto net card on my normal PC, enter a separate subnet other then the Internet and connect to my server though a Lan cable. Install the ROON remote on this normal PC, create a pair of .bat file to enable network adapter>start ROON UI, select songs as usual, then click another .bat file to kill ROON process and disable network adapter.
  3. I must say that even I'm already using the Telegartner M12 switch, by using ROON to play local file only, unplug the network cable still improve the SQ for about ~20%.
  4. Well, the ground noise from monitor can be easily remedied by using an optical fiber HDMI. You can also use a wireless keyboard which has a tiny trackball on it, the keyboard will go to sleep after a while.
  5. I've been connecting my server to ER's B side and listened for past few months. After reading Emile's post in wb, I tried to connect my server and router on A side. OMG, the sound stage opened up a lot , it has more texture and energy then the B side 100M port. I will not go back to B port anymore.
  6. How is the Oyaide FTVS-910 DC cables performs? My friend made me an FTVS-408, compared with the BlackCat DC cable, the BC sound a lot more neutral and relaxed.
  7. I kinda agree with Windows X's comparison between Windows and Linux that Linux always lack harmonics and consistency, make you feel that the sound stage is huge but empty.
  8. Hello Romaz, can you share your network topology between the music server and the NAS? What kind of switches are being used? Dual switches with fiber isolation?
  9. Followed the steps, everything works perfectly now.
  10. OK, I will try it again. Cuz I already managed to play audio with ROON using ASIO perfectly, so I didn't try anything else.
  11. Yes, I run AO several times already. Chasing the dll files used by MPC-HC wasapi exculsive mode in another copy of windows, I see the core server missing to call AUDIOKSE.dll.
  12. Hello, is it possible to play video with Jriver in server 2019 Core? I tried with MPC-HC, prompt me missing the avifil32.dll and dxva2.dll. After placing these two files in System32 folder, video playback works, but no sound. Might be some sound codec missing.
  13. For Sata SSD, different chips got different sound in my past experience, SLC is the least harsh, MLC then TLC. I'm using an intel DC S3700 1.2TB MLC SSD as my OS and music storage (two partition), I still find local file playback on SSD sound much better than playing file on a Plixir Elite LPSU powered silent Qnap NAS though the JCAT Femto Netcard (JCAT also powered by external high quality LPSU).
  14. Yea but there is no /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-enxxx in archlinux, no /etc/rc.d/rc.local as well. The configure file of the network interface is located at /etc/systemd/network/en.network, I doubt adding those ethtool commands into it would works.
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