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  1. Tubes are not slow. They are good well through radio frequencies so audio frequencies are an absolute doddle. Bandwidths in the MHz are easy to achieve. Whether tube or SS single ended designs are predominantly even order harmonics and push pull designs are odd order.
  2. Not necessarily. Higher order harmonics, which we are more susceptible to hearing even though they are usually more attenuated than lower orders and which are produced and not masked in a lot of SS (and some tube) circuits tend to create false dynamics or transients or 'leading edge' (choose the acronym that suits). Not saying tube amps are necessarily any better just because they have tubes, but I reckon that the 'naturalness' people talk about in some tube systems, like these ... ...may be because SET amps used properly can be particularly low distortion in use with
  3. Tubes don't really have a sound, circuits do. They can be made to sound any way you wish from slow and lush (tubes used wrong) to fingernails on a blackboard (aka SS) and everything in-between. Just another tool, no more, no less. Put some SS components into similar circuits to tubes and the sound is very similar. Nah, not usually. But there can be an awful lot of HD before we hear it, especially the lower orders and a lot of tube circuits make the lower orders, particularly single ended circuits.
  4. That is a cheap but not unjustified shot I must say, but there are still some nicely made newer albums about. The main reason I went back into vinyl was to access better mastered/mixed content... not sad I did so.
  5. It is interesting. I looked up a couple of those monitors you mentioned and they are quite large three ways which are in a pricier league than many here would bother to spend on their system. Not knocking that of course, but I must say that the smaller 2-way Genelecs I listened to ran into problems at relatively low volumes that I expect is to do with topology and size...no way around that. At least the larger 3-ways should be more capable in larger spaces and at higher volumes but judging by the specs of say the Genelec 1238's I reckon they would fall short in some, not all, audiophiles sp
  6. LL2773/5A may be a better choke option than the Hammond. Much larger and much more inductance and depending on how you choose to wire the windings can be set at about 5A/65mH series or 10A/16mH parallel. I'm not convinced that 5A is enough current...5A x 30V?? = 150watts before saturation for the Hammond. At least the Lundahl would not saturate until at least 8A which would probably handle the poweron and off requirements.
  7. The NOS1a and XXHE are symbiotic. If you wish to hear the best from the dac then a PC running a specific windows version (13493? - Peter can provide it) and XXHE is required, preferably the Phasure Mach3 PC. Did the person that loaned the dac to you not send the PC as well? Just had a quick look at your YouTube channel...do you use speakers or is it all headphone listening? Personally, I've never been able to enjoy headphones but to each their own. The DC Offset thing with the NOS1a needs to be set whenever the dac is turned on...just about everyone leaves it on 24/
  8. Alex was a good bloke. Like others say, he was generous and kind. Rest well friend.
  9. I came 'this' close to buying a May dac for streaming and other non-critical duties but baulked in the end because I could not get a demo. Who knows, I may yet get one but would be surprised if it ran with the NOS1a...I do love surprises though.
  10. Holo May may in fact have better bandwidth than the Spring...not sure. There are measurements about in a couple of places.
  11. Ah, yes, XXHE will mess with the OS so a dedicated audio PC is the best solution, or at least a dedicated SSD to put in your PC just for when you want to use XXHE (use a hotswap bay). Of course there is the PC that @PeterStputs together which fits hand-in-glove with XXHE. I used to build my own PC's for audio but lately I just bought the ready-made turnkey unit from Peter...so much easier and you get the most from the software without having to install anything.
  12. @manueljenkin, that is a decent assessment of XXHE...takes a little more to get it set up but once setup it does pretty much all the PC optimisations automatically for you and sounds better than anything else out there, especially when used with NOS dacs. 2.11 is the current version, so you should also download that one to get the latest improvements. Next step up is to get the RAM-OS where XXHE and W10 is pre-installed on a SSD. Once the PC has booted, you just pop out the SSD and both the OS and XXHE is running from RAM...so simple and the next level up for sound to have no har
  13. I was checking in daily to have my 'Groundhog Day' moments and a good chuckle.
  14. Here is is a tidbit: https://www.livingvoice.co.uk/lv-battery-power-supply.html
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