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  1. PhilipAC

    HQ Player

    Thanks Jeff. I have replied in the Roon thread with a further question. Sorry to be a pest, but I do like to understand things! Philip
  2. PhilipAC

    HQ Player

    Hi all. I use Roon + HQ Player. Is it possible to configure HQ Player so that I can upsample PCM to higher rate PCM but play DSD unaltered, without having to change the settings every time I switch between PCM and DSD files? Cheers Philip
  3. Hi all Sorry if this is a beginner's question! I use Roon plus HQP on a DAC that plays DSD even better than it plays PCM. Up until now I have simply been playing everything as native. I have "Direct SDM" set in DSF settings and I don't upsample PCM. I now want to investigate converting PCM to DSD256 but without upsampling DSD. ie I want to convert PCM but leave DSD files playing at their native sampling with no changes, filters etc. If I leave the DSF setting at Direct SDM but play around with the "Settings" panel, will I achieve this please?
  4. They do convert old analog tapes to DSD, although I do not know what process they adopt. But I find nearly all the conversions are excellent, and crucially it provides me with very good sounding files of historic performances by the likes of Walter, Reiner, Ormandy, Steinberg, Monteux, Szell and others that would simply not be available to me otherwise. I regard these recordings as a treasure chest of many of the finest classical recordings of the 50s and 60s especially, and worth their weight in gold. But each to their own!
  5. Although it has been mentioned once, I also recommend Hyperion. They do wonderful series of romantic piano and violin concertos, mostly of lesser well known composers but mostly very enjoyable. And also, of course, HDTT have the advantage of reproducing old classic performances in sparkling hi res.
  6. PhilipAC

    HQ Player

    Hi all. I have just bought HQP on linux and it downloaded version 3.13.3. Why didn't it download version 3.16? and can I move to 3.16 under the same licence or do I have to pay more? Indeed, is it worthwhile moving to 3.16? Cheers Philip
  7. Ted- thanks. I get no sound but presumably that's because I need to use a SPDIF connection between the server and the DAC?
  8. Ted- I have done as you and Solstice suggest, and I am now indeed able to upsample or (in the case of DSD256 files) downsample to DSD128. But I would still like to be able to play my DSD256 files at DSD256. bibo01 My server is linux based and I am using DoP i.e. I am using a USB connection. Does this prevent me using DSD256? I thought I could so long as my USB module went up to PCM 705,600 I appreciate the help.
  9. Thanks all. I have now unchecked DirectSDM and up sampling is happening. BUT only up to 6.144MHz. If I set the limit higher than this e.g. to DSD256 level, the file still plays at 6.144MHz (or such lower number as I set). My DAC certainly plays up to DSD512, so presumably this is a constraint of the server I'm using, which HQ Player cleverly recognises? Agreed please? Thanks
  10. I've set the output to 5.6MHz. It now converts all my PCM files to DSD128, but still plays DSD64 as DSD64 and still won't play DSD256. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help.
  11. Thanks Miska How do I convert everything to DSD128 please? Philip
  12. Hi all Forgive me opening a new thread, but this is a very specific question. In HQ player, is it possible to convert DSD256 files to DSD128, but leave everything else as native? (I have a server that seems to have a problem with DSD256, while I have a few DSD256 files). And if so, how? Thanks Philip
  13. Whether you get/need the pre-amp module will depend on whether you might want want other sources, obviously. But if you mean should you get the VC module, I can tell you that I found the VC module better sounding than a £10K pre-amp I had. Philip
  14. Well, I've managed to get started again by unauthorising my Lampi. It then shifted the core to my MB Air. I then unauthorised that and it gave me a choice of authorising the MBA or the Lampi. Chose Lampi and now it seems happy!! Thanks for your support.
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