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  1. I just received this new unit, ordered via Amazon.com yesterday. So far, I have been listening to DSD64 files (DSF's) purchased online - plus those ripped via PS3 from my SACD collection. Headphone listening only thusfar - with my Schiit Valhalla/Senn 650 combo and my Grado RS-1/Grado RA-1 amp. Very good sound; better than my Schiit Loki, for sure. I haven't placed it in my big system as yet since my wired network is in a different spot, and still have a lot of files to move over. Speaking of which - the Sony "HAP Music Transfer" application leaves a lot to be desired, in my opinion. You can only sync a folder - rather than select subfolders (i.e.: albums) to transfer. And since there is a 100 subfolder limit on each sync - and I have over 300 albums each in it's own folder, it has turned into as bit of a pain. Any other HAP-Z1ES owners out there with suggestions, tweaks or other relevant comments? Would love to compare notes. Thanks. Merko
  2. Hi - New user here. I am trying to use the A+ DSD conversion function to make FLACs from SACD ISO files. I select 88.2 kHz (which is fine by me) but what I get are 16 bit, 88.2 files (NOT fine by me). What am I doing wrong that causes the conversion to select 16 bit depth rather than the 24 bit depth I am trying to achieve? Is there no bit depth selection function in Audirvana Plus, or am I just overlooking something obvious? Thanks. Merko Mac Pro Dual Xeon 3.2GHz OS X 10.8.3 Audirvana Plus 1.4.6 Schiit Bifrost Schiit Valhalla with NOS Amperex 6DJ8 input tubes Sennheiser HD650 headphones
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