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  1. ...as it is for all men! I know, I’ve already got one. (It’s very nice.)
  2. Yep. The jump in sound quality of your phone calls will be a revelation!
  3. Serendipity. You must surely be the confusing yet well intended jabber to whom Steve B referred...!
  4. Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Peter will love these George won't...
  5. Well, there's the Chequers plan...
  6. The Greek Ministry of Culture. But it’s in the British Museum for safekeeping - alongside the marbles...
  7. Don’t panic. Your president is actually making America great again. BTW are you perhaps Howard Stern?
  8. Perhaps someone could develop an end to end solution such that the filters used during recording and mastering were well defined, and a complementary filter option chosen at the dac, thus authenticating the quality of the master...
  9. No you didn’t - but actually I think you did.
  10. Are you suggesting therefore that what the M Scaler does is trivial?
  11. For fuck’s sake Mans. You’re just digging a hole. You’ve got enough kudos here just to say “yeah - fair enough - bad analogy” (and it was). Get over it. Even I made a mistake once (allegedly!)
  12. No. The worst case scenario is 27 feet. Chaos!
  13. Yes. Punctuated by many “awesome”s ?
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