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  1. Dear Canard, Interesting, and very good system youvhave. It is wellknown both the USB as Dig Out of the MacBook Pro is not amongst the best. For example the Mac Mini's will perform a lot better. Also the interconnect you will use - in case of the Dig Out - is important. One of the better cables is the Wireworld Supernova 6, but it hasits price. definately have a listen to the ND5XS. It is an extremely good player with a DAC section that is close to equal to Naim's nDac, and goes very well with your Nait XS
  2. Hi John, I have albums of Concha Buika. I like them a lot. She has an amazing voice and a very specific way of sound and performing
  3. wow guys !!!!! ...... many, many thanks .... this is a superb help .... some of the artists you mentioned, I already have some albums of, but quite some are new to me ..... I have my shopping list prepared :-) .... on the way to the public library and to Amazon !!Again, thanks for the excellent feedback. Iver
  4. Thanks for the advize Freann !! What exactly are Vibrapods ?
  5. Hi Christophe, my living room is 8m by 4m. The loudspeakers will "fire" from the long wall. I am sitting opposite along the other long wall. Distance between me and the speakers is approx 2.75m. I can have the speakers 60cm plus from the side walls, and max some 50cm from their backwall. I do have absorbtion boards behind my current speakers and also in other places in the room. My current Epson Epic 5 speakers (large 2,5 way standmounts) do not boom. If I go for the likes Harbeths, I prepared to invest in descent stands (Skylan or Custom Design). does this help for you ? Iver
  6. Hey Chris, thanks for your reply ! I do have 3 albums from Claire Martin on the Linn label. I like het music a lot. Eden Atwood, I don't know. Thanks for the tip. What I normally do, is to check some music now from her on Spotify. If i like it I either buys an album or borrow one on the public library ( in Belgium it is allowed to rip a borrowed cd only for privat use.) what I hope is that this forum helps me discover artists I don't know. The artists I mentioned, I almost have all albums . hope this clarifies. iver
  7. Dear forum members, I could use some help with suggestions for a certain type of music I like. My interest goes to Woman Vocals especially in the genres of Folk, Jazz and Easy Listening. I try to follow some music magazines but this type of music is not always des ribed or reviewed. Any of you have any suggestions on top of below list of musicians I really like: Eva Cassidy - Sara K. - Holly Cole - Cassandra Wilson - Jacintha - Diana Krall - Caroll Kid - Chie Ayado - Stacey Kent - Mathilde Santing - Patricia Kaas - Carla Lother - Rebecca Pidgeon - Shawn Colvin - Trijntje Oosterhuis - Jen Chapin - Meldoy Gardot - Katie Melua - Barb Jungr - Patricia Barber I live in Belgium and the number of magazines with music reviews are rather scarse. So I depend on the web and hopefully on others suggestions. Thanks for the help Iver
  8. Dear forummembers, I am interested on your experiences using either of the current Harbeth speakers P3ESR, 7EST or Monito 30.1. I am about to audion them and am interested in experiences comparing the models. There is quite some price differences between them, so anxious to know whether these differences are worth the money. Of course I will home audition myself, but your insights are valuable. my system composes of Naim 152xS pre with Naim FlatCapXs psu, Naim Nap150xs power amp, Naim ND5XS streamer and Epos Epic 5 loudspeakers. Though the Epic's provide a very warm and airy sound with good stereo imaging, I believe they are the weak link in my set. Higher frequences could be a little harsh, and I think they sometimes miss some detail. i like the imaging capabilities of monitor speakers so thought of the above Harbeth. Also on the shortlist is Focal 1008be. In parallel with new speakers, I probably also invest in a separate Naim psu specifically for the streamer. I had a demo on it and was very impressed. cheers, iver
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