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  1. New owner of a 3-month old L3 Holo Audio MAY L3 (KTE Kitsune). Finally I get a first hand experience of the much appraised amazing spatial positioning of voices and instruments. So clear and revealing without any hint of harshness.
  2. Thank you @JonD I was looking at these instead. Guess the one you recommended is another beast (equivalent to 2 eR, 2 SoTM, etc) altogether😁 https://www.adark.co/collections/project-giesemann-ocxo/products/afterdark-project-clayx-giesemann-network-switch-x-ocxo-10m-master-clock?variant=32186361675894 https://www.adark.co/collections/project-giesemann-ocxo/products/afterdark-project-clayx-giesemann-network-switch-x-ocxo-10m-master-clock-audiophilestyle-edition
  3. This will indeed be a very useful to many curious minds in here. Definitely looking forward to it if AfterDark is preparing one.
  4. Interesting that you choose to direct me to find out more on the eR technical information instead of addressing my concern. My main intention is never about technicalities of the product, at least not now. All I want is to find out more about possibilities to simplify my home audio system while maintaining or enhancing my listening pleasure. Do hope this focus can be maintained. Nevertheless thank you for sharing your thoughts.
  5. Interesting. If an oM or another eR upfront will most likely improve, will it be too far fetch to have such functions house within a common box of switch+clock with good power supply? Pardon my ignorance as I don’t think I know the full technical details of all these switches. Or am I having wishful thinking.
  6. Thank you for sharing @soares do share the difference the sonic difference before and after adding the aDark clock.
  7. I supposed the internal clock will help the eR. However I am thinking if this can replace the eR as the eR is running rather hot and I would like to simplify the system of having a switch and good power supply into one box. I supposed this will be an improvement over the eR.
  8. There are so many within the website of similar product. Pardon my ignorance, may I know which from the website are you referring to regarding the cascade version?
  9. Out of curiosity, have anyone here compared this audiophile switch with other equivalent in the market, eg. N&E Audio Silent Switch OCXO, SoTM, MELCO, etc?
  10. Thank you for the prompt reply, Superdad. Will there be any sonic difference with different Voltages?
  11. Hi! May I know anyone running his etherREGEN using 12V LPS all these while? I have chanced upon a used Farad Power Super3 @ 12V which I am considering to get it for my etherREGEN. Will there be any negative impact using 12V for long term? Thanks
  12. Looking at your signature, I see that you have a new toy. Looking forward to hear more from you after you have explored it more thoroughly in a separate post. :)
  13. Hi Acholate, thank you for the suggestion. I will try either of these software this weekend to see if they can allow me to play NetEase Music and stream via oR. Greatly appreciate your input. symon
  14. I have recently added the eR+oR to the system which the mac mini no longer connects directly to the DAC. Due to this, I am unable to play some music from web based app (NetEase Music). To solve this problem, I am planning to acquire a DDC to connect the mac mini directly to the DDC (USB) and the DDC will connect to the DAC via i2S (RJ45), which this is the only available hi-res input left for the existing DAC. In view of the future upgrade of acquiring the Denafrips Terminator Plus in the near future, I am considering the Denafrips Hermes or Gaia DDC. Other than Gaia uses a better
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