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  1. got it. thanks......now if only the slimrun were not all sold out.......
  2. Larry, so, you're running external hdd ==> wired usb 3.0 ==> slimrun female ==> slimrun male (powered lt3045) ==> server
  3. quite strange but interesting. some more details would be good (what are you running hqplayer on, wired/wifi, music on nas or on hqp server, etc) is NAA on uRendu? if i read this correctly, you have compared case 1 with either 2a or 2b (below) 1) hqplayer desktop sounds great vs. 2a) hqplayer desktop set to remote control option (using what app for control?) sounds bad or 2b) hqplayer embedded controlled by remote app sounds bad
  4. if revolutionary <==> even better sound, can't wait for some details
  5. thanks. so is buffer size limited in an NAA based upon a RaspberryPi or ultraRegen relative to inside a NUC/NAA?
  6. just curious..........is the buffer located in the server or in the NAA?
  7. i am running both old and new version of audio-linux here. the new version has a built in menu command for upgrading to the latest hqplayer-embedded. for the older version, is there any reason i can't use the following, per old postings? yaourt -S hqplayer-embedded
  8. thanks Ray, i understand. it seems like the extreme is somewhere over the horizon (or rainbow?) relative to the NUC and NUC++. hopefully someday we'll be out of lockdown and i'll get a chance to head into NYC and experience this for myself. for now, living vicariously through you and others for now......................
  9. thanks for the great insights Ray-dude! i'd love to get a sense of the distance(s) you've covered since going down the rabbit hole. in some overall sense (however you define it), how would you rate the streaming relative performance (0-100 to get an approx. sense of scale) 0. pre-optimized NUC/network 1. your optimized NUC + network system 2. plain vanilla Extreme 3. your optimized Extreme + network
  10. thanks Miska. /run/media is scanning my very large hdd now. in my browser, the dropdown menu only showed paths i had used previously under audio-linux and did not show /run/media/sdb1 or any other default related to the image, just the old paths in browser cache.
  11. dumb question here. i've been running hqplayer embedded under audiolinux. before that i was running under ubuntu. now i want to try the image directly on my nuc. i have a usb hdd plugged into my NUC but i can't seem to remember the path to use to scan/read/create the music library help please!
  12. has anyone here used Wireshark to capture hqplayer's audio stream between the renderer and NAA? i'm a geek and want to play with things 🧐
  13. sorry, i thought this was relevant to listening impressions and how to make the etherRegen sound even better! we can take the router setup details offline but i thought the improvement to the already excellent eR was worth discussing here be well and stay safe everyone!
  14. i think we are in agreement. since i turn off the dhcp server in the edgerouterX, i guess(?) it is effectively working as a switch (though i'm not deep into routing so i'm not sure). the edgerouterX is less than $100 and was highly regarded on some other forums so i went for it. i guess it also gives me the option to do things like use optical, QoS settings, etc -- that may or may not be useful in the future. my next step is to get rid of the wall wart switching power supply and see what that does for me.......however, one of my tube monoblocks just blew a fuse, so testing may be delayed (or i'll move testing to my headphones )
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