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  1. but now you'll have to mow your lawn yourself, leaving less time for electronics
  2. here is my impression, reported in the optical Module thread for reasons that will be obvious when read
  3. @barrows how about downgrading your system for a quick test? can you put the SFP directly into your router and remove your FMC/oM? i'm curious if you'd also notice a big difference basically wondering if SFP in router might be a "don't go down that road if you don't have to" recommendation
  4. Well, finally back from a 2 week trip and then took a day to begin to get over jet lag (i.e. I couldn't be trusted around electricity or sharp objects). The oR was in my system and burning in for the 2 weeks and my recollection was that it sounded good, better than the old ultraRendu but probably needed to be burned in. After 2 weeks, my opinion didn't change very much......hmmmmmm Wednesday morning I unpacked the oM, set it up with an lps-1.2 and let it burn in for a day while I listened to the oR based system (also with an lps-1.2) and waited for the jetlag fog to begin to lift. Today, I spent an hour or so listening to the oR in my system, then went to the basement and put the oM into the feed. Holy (insert your own adjective here)! I listened first (5 minutes after listening to it with oR alone) to Jennifer Warnes "Ballad of the Runaway Horse" and it was transformed, huge bass, much better depth and great micro-detail to the voice, just a no-brainer and no need to go back and forth for comparisons. Clearly the uplink router crap/noise was really significant in my system.[YMMV] The combination of the oM and the oR in my system, both with good power, is way beyond where I was with the uR. My network is fairly heavy in the house. I have a 24 port 1G Netgear router, as well as a 6 port 10G Netgear router. I had been using an SFP off of the 10G router to connect to the oR via 50ft of single mode fiber (I bought a pair of SFP and am not using the Sonore provided SFP). I am currently running cat6 from the 10G router to the oM. I had initially thought that the oR alone was supposed to be sufficient, but then I read here on the forum that some folks reported improvements with both the oR and oM, particularly if the router was noisy---so I took a shot and ordered an oM while halfway around the world (and it was waiting for me when I got back). So, still in a bit of fog but very very happy with the sound of my system. Great job guys!
  5. i installed my opticalRendu just before leaving on a trip and had no problem with using it as an NAA. could you summarize the 'known' issue please? (that's a long thread) i did have one annoying problem (which i repeatedly relive since i usually forget it) and that was losing connectivity when the IP address changed on me, so i had to go to my router and assign a static IP
  6. a while back, i had an ultraRendu feeding a usb==>aes/ebu box (tried singxer and sotm dx-usbHD). i had an lps-1.2 on the converter and a lps-1 on the Rendu. then i purchased a second lps-1.2 for the ultraRendu and the improvement was large, even with a converter after the Rendu. Lesson==>everything may or can matter...........we are still scratching the surface of what is going on here
  7. great report..........thank you. this is more evidence that, in a very hi-rez system, the upstream jitter/reclocking can matter (YMMV). in my case, i've enough suggestive info to go ahead an order an optical module to place by my network router and reclcok before the long feed to opticalRendu.. by the way, the comment that 'everything has slowed down' is my key indicator for great sound. when that happens, i hear magic. NOTE: i once attained a level where i had that experience but stupidly changed a few things in my system that "should not" have made a difference (usb cables, psu, etc) and lost the magic..............lesson==>don't screw around after you achieve magic unless you are very careful to keep track of what you change so that you can get back to where you were
  8. Thanks John. A very cogent summary. I understand the jitter issue and how complex it can be (going back at least to Duttweiler's classic paper in the BSTJ on jitter accumulation in repeater chains!). It also explains why some folks have reported that multiple jitter reduction devices in series can be beneficial, but of course YMMV depending on the specifics of your system. So let me re-phrase my question more carefully to this esteemed community: If you have an optical connection from their network router to your opticalRendu, have you tried adding an opticalModule in between? Do you hear further improvement? Please share your results with this forum and include details such as network router equipment, how you are powering your various network devices and what DAC you are using. Thanks everyone!
  9. cat6man

    HQ Player

    @superdad thanks any chance you could try that with native PCM passing through (all processing not just the same but turned off)? cheers
  10. cat6man

    HQ Player

    i don't have any explanation for you but would like to suggest a test. could you try your pcm files again, with no filter, dither or upsampling.............nada it would be good to confirm the basic hqp==>NAA sounds the same v3 to v4
  11. hi john/jesus: i want to see if i understand this correctly, as i may have missed something important here. are you saying that an opticalModule, with short ethernet from my network switch, will sound better than simply using the single mode optical SFP output from my network switch? i guess i 'heard' folks saying that the cheap optical converters were not very good (and my experience is that they made my ultraRendu sound worse) but i had thought that the optical connection to the opticalRendu cleaned things up. in other words, i thought (hoped?) that the opticalRendu made the uplink source irrelevant so, what is the consensus on SFP at network switch==>opticalRendu vs. having the opticalModule do the conversion to optical? since i'm away from home on travel, I'll give you all a week to resolve this critical question for me i'm not really interested in "is A is better than B", more like 'what give the BEST' sound
  12. sorry i can't contribute a detailed review yet, but i got my OR just before beginning a trip and only had a short period to listen. in the 48 hours i had the OR hooked up to my system with an lps-1.2, neither item seemed excessively hot, the sound was good (though I really didn't do any critical listening). i'm sure it will be nicely warmed up and broken in when i get back in a week or so. on the other hand, reports of more detail across the entire spectrum and, in particular, hearing chairs creaking(!) and the movement of spit inside the singer's mouth, sound to me like audio reviewer holy grail. aren't we all dying to hear more into the recording? in my experience, from sonic orbiter on a cubox to microRendu to ultraRendu, these streamers have consistently improved, and shined even more with great DC power. i expect no less here, but will want to experiment with both power supply and DC cable and usb cable before i draw any conclusions. for now, i'm happy with my portable system but even with a good player and iem, low level detail s(and chair squeeks) tend to be obscured by jet engine noise.
  13. can you tell us what the comparison is being made to? opticalRendu replaced ?, an ultraRendu with the same power supply?
  14. after a tour of the northeast US, the USPS found my house after all...............powered up with lps-1.2, added my optical connection, configured and had it running in 15 minutes....................letting it warm up now will connect to DAC after dinner and will have to see if HQPLAYER settings.xml needs to be changed NAS==>hqplayerd(nuc running ubuntu, bionic beaver)==>cat6==>24 port 1G switch==>6 port 10G switch==>optical==>opticalRendu(naa mode)==>usb into TotalDAC reclocker==>aes/ebu into TotalDAC DAC
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