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  1. nah, nothing to do with football. a revolutionary war remembrance, celebrated with morning baseball at fenway park and the boston marathon. now also the anniversary of the marathon bombing
  2. I know that New England is celebrating Patriot's Day today, so maybe this counts as a 3 day weekend? Can you share an update Jesus?
  3. looking forward here to having TotalDAC reclocker fed by opticalRendu sold my ultraRendu and currently using a cubox/sonicorbiter which is no match for any Rendu!
  4. i tried to re-scan from web interface but it seemed to take forever. i had added one album to my /zNew Stuff/ subdirectory (contained about 100 albums). i then re-scanned in hqplayer desktop, tried to re-sync with hqdpdcontrol and again did not see the new added album. after stopping and restarting hqplayerd, re-sync with hqpdcontrol showed new album.
  5. with multiple Rendu units, including ultraRendu with lps-1.2. the usb output direct to dac was compared to usb output feeding various adapters that converted to aes/ebu. in every case, aes/ebu sounded better with my DAC. this was true with my DAC using moderately priced D->D converters (e.g. sotm dx-usbHD and Matrix) and high end (TotalDAC reclocker--the best by far). i'm looking forward to feeding my TotalDAC reclocker with the opticalRendu as further reducing upstream noise is clearly important. just changing the ultraRendu power supply from lps-1 to lps-1.2 was immediately audible, even with a reclocker after the ultraRendu! i have not tried the signature unit though, so i can't comment on that specifically. update: this does raise the issue of whether or not a super power supply would further elevate the opticalRendu in my configuration.........guess i'll have to wait until April to start investigating that question. i'll start with the lps-1.2 but i'll be very interested in the feedback of others who may try other power supply units.
  6. YMMV as it will be dependent, at minimum, on your DAC my DAC sounds better with aes/ebu than with usb there is no one size fits all answer
  7. Hi, I see a new embedded 4.9.0 is available (downloading now) but also mention of a new NAA 3.5.6 Is there a cubox image for NAA 3.5.6 somewhere?
  8. i'll have to check that and get back to you. i was using HQPlayer Desktop to re-scan the content.
  9. can anyone confirm that this is proper operation and that hqplayerd 'locks up' the library.xml file and therefore must be stopped in order to grab the updated library.xml file for re-sync with hqpdControl app?
  10. Hi Jesus, That qualifies as a crumb I'm just a little grumpy because I sold my ultraRendu and the sound of my system has taken a big step downward using just a cubox I'm sure it will be worth the wait as you guys have a proven track record with me. Cheers (and get back to work!)
  11. fully agree, Ales did a great job and Dirs view gives me exactly what I needed
  12. yes, i didn't use the app until it had directories
  13. I used to use an NAS but ran into issues with characters that hqp didn't like, so I moved everything to a usb drive on my NUC that runs hqp.............worth a try but I didn't have any problems with directory/subdirectory alphabetical ordering when I was on the NAS......just the issue with special characters in song titles, etc. not sure what else could make our results differ
  14. update: it appears that i have to stop and restart hqplayerd in order for HQPDcontrol to sync with the new library.xml file
  15. Ales & Jussi, I do seem to have an issue that I do not understand. I updated my music, then re-scanned and got a new library.xml and verified that the new music was there as seen in the library function in HQPlayer desktop. However, when I synch your app, I don't see the new music that library.xml says should be there. This happened (and confused me) once before. Then, some combination of stopping/restarting HQPlayer desktop and/or hqplayer embedded solved the problem. Can you please elaborate on the sequence for updating library.xml so that the changes will be ready to be sync'd with the HQPD control?
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