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  1. Hi, I've just received my usbridge. I have to use it directly connected (via lan) to a pc, without dhcp. These pc is connected to lan via wifi. Without setting fixed ip I couldn't access to dietpi web access page, so I disconnect usbridge, connect to my router/switch (in another room) and now I could access to web page http://dietpi.local Before setting fixed ip (in order to connect directly to my pc) I see the button update and... I click it. Now I've no access via http://dietpi.local, so I connect to a monitor via hdmi, I login with "root" and "dietpi" as password, but I could do nothing. If I run dietpi-config it seems that is not a known command. I try ifconfig but it's not again a known command.... What can I do? I think I have to re-flash the correct version of Dietpi in eMMC, how? Thanks.
  2. Hi, concerning Digital filter and Signature I've always used 1A, everything else sounds less transparent to me. I found 1A very fast and clear.
  3. In win server 2012 MMCSS is a service that must be started, maybe in 2016 is there also something to start?
  4. Yes, it works regularly in 2016 GUI. Thanks, I'll try to install it with Device Manager or DriverHelper.
  5. Hi Phil, I've installed Windows Server 2016 core, AO 2.20 beta 5 but I'm not able to use MMCSS, infact when I launch my custom-no gui-player (that uses MMCSS) I obtain such an error (see attached image) Failed to enable MMCSS (Error code=2) Failed to enable MMCSS (Error code=2) Could you help me? Thanks. Besides when I try to launch my dac driver control panel (Merging Hapi) I obtain another error "opengl32.dll" is missing. How could I install graphic driver (Intel cpu graphic driver) in core mode? I try to launch setup.exe but it fails. Thanks.
  6. Hi Phil, could I ask you if there will be MMCSS in Windows 2016 Core with AO 2.20 beta5? Thanks.
  7. Hi Phil, I've just tested Win Server 2016 TP5 with and without GUI with AO 2.10 beta 3. I've found a problem without GUI. I'm using a command line audio player that uses ASIO and MMCSS, no problem with GUI but without GUI I have that message error: " ErrorMessage : ----------------------------------------- Failed to enable MMCSS (error code=1060). Failed to enable MMCSS (error code=1060). Failed to enable MMCSS (error code=1060). Failed to enable MMCSS (error code=1060). [0] " So it seems to me that MMCSS is not really enabled without GUI (while works flawlessy, for example, in Windows Server 2012 R2 core mode). Have you tried MMCSS in Windows Server 2016 TP5 without GUI? Thanks.
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