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  1. I was using my microRendu for some time, but took it out as I went to a Roon Rock dedicated computer to utilize HDMI out to my Marantz 8002a. Now I would like to use it as a Roon Endpoint in another room where I am currently using a Pi (which is working just fine). I replaced the Pi, hooked it up to the network, saw it was there on my network scanner, and accessed the App switcher to use Roon and it shows Activated. But it does not show up as a zone on my Roon Rock server. There must be something simple (stupid?) that I am missing and will take the abuse if someone
  2. Chris, many thanks for posting the instructions for getting a Roon ROCK going. Ran into a couple of glitches, the first Transcend M.2 drive wasn't recognized (returned and bought the Samsung), the first time I burned the OS to a USB drive, there was a "decompression" error which was fixed by using another drive, etc. But 2 hours later, all of my tracks are back up and running and I love the fact that the HDMI port works flawlessly! So I can go direct to my Marantz 8802a and output with Auro3D 10.1. Life is good today. Thanks again for the help.
  3. My mistake - it is something wrong with the Mini not Audirvana. Please ignore. Peter
  4. Hi! Finally decided to try Audirvana 3.0 now that it unfolds MQA. I am using a 2011 Mac Mini i7 with 16GB of memory and a SSD, I am using my Marantz 8802a as the dac through HDMI. The Mini works just fine until I try to use Audirvana with the Marantz using HDMI; 1. If I try to use HDMI for both display and for audio (the HDMI cable goes out to the Marantz and then comes back to the display), the display blanks and resets every 5 seconds or so. 2. I then routed the video out to my display through the mini dvi port. But then the mouse acts up and twitche
  5. Perhaps I am missing something here, but since the Oppo 105 has an asynch USB input, can't you try both inputs and report back? Peter
  6. Of course if it ain't broke ... The best part of PM for me, aside from its solid and utterly reliable performance under very stressed conditions, is being able to use FabFilters as a plug in to correct a room without an ADA conversion. Currently running 15 parametric filters installed by a world class acoustician with a single sub. Awesome room shaking bass. Of course as we all know the Holy Grail is 4 equalized subs ala Dr Floyd Toole. That will be up next. Probably going to have to reinforce the room to handle it .... An excellent real world, well supported product. Pet
  7. I love both PM and Pure Vinyl for playing and ripping vinyl. Zero issues and get GREAT support from Rob. Had a friend who is really computer illiterate set up a new Mac Mini with PM. When I left all was good but he called 2 days later and said he wasn't getting any sound. Since I live 90 miles away, I asked him to call Rob. Rob couldn't figure it out either but he walked him through installing TeamViewer and then Rob found he had clicked on the bright red MUTE button. Took 40 minutes ... Rob is a great guy and had developed a wonderful stable platform for playing music. But I wou
  8. I like the idea of one album per evening. Peter
  9. A bit silly to force us to register in another site to vote. Yeah, I have 10 macs and would buy it as I buy most of the new stuff to see if I like it. I suggest, respectfully, seriously, that you go ahead and do it. Peter
  10. Perfect! Just what I was hoping for. Thanks. Peter
  11. Just what I was hoping. Thanks for the help. Peter
  12. Hi! I am going to change my setup and would like to know if anyone is using a Synology NAS to serve music to iTunes/Pure Music successfully. Currently I am using a Firewire dac and a usb hard drive, but I am changing to a new Firewire ADC and a USB DAC so in order to take the server off either the FW or USB ports, I thought I would try a NAS again. I use a Synology remotely for backup and it works well for files and is totally reliable. My concern is whether there will be issue in delivering the metadata from my ALAC/AIFF files and whether anyone is experiencing dropouts. My mac mini w
  13. Ah, but are they the "non-polarized" C7 connectors, rounded on both sides? I will check them out. Thanks for the tip. Peter
  14. That looks like the one, a non-polarized C7. Haven't been able to find one, but will keep looking now that I know what I am looking ofr. Thanks. Peter
  15. Hi! Anyone know what the designation is for the ac connector on the power cord for the newer 2010/2011 mac mini? It is not a C7 because that is flat on one side .... Would be interested in a custom power cord and would like to know how to terminate it. Peter
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