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  1. 4 ft VH Audio Flavor 2 power cord with upgrade Furutech FI-11 (copper) plugs on both ends designed and assembled by Chris Venhaus of VH Audio. A little wear on the shrink wrap around the plugs otherwise excellent. Retails for $254. Will sell for $130 shipped/Paypal.Features of this design include:* Two 12 AWG low strand count bare copper conductors for very low resistance. The safety ground wire is 12 AWG tinned copper.* Deep Cryogenic treatment of the power conductors.* FEP insulation of all conductors, including the ground wire AND outer protective jacket.* No shield is utilized in order to
  2. I just ran into the same problem with a LPS I ordered on Ebay from China. I thought the DC cables were standard also and the one that came with it was the wrong size. The JS-2 states that it comes with a 5.5mm/2.5mm cable plug which means 5.5mm outer diameter and 2.5mm inner diameter. The one you have is likely a 2.1mm inner diameter. I ended up ordering the correct size from Teddy Pardo but maybe you can get one from Uptone. EDIT: Ooops....looks like Superdad was replying at the same time.
  3. Yes, but what is the base male connector? It comes in 2 versions from what I can tell.
  4. More info...say I used 2 x Samsung 860 EVO SATA III drives. Wouldn't something like a Teddy Pardo 5V 3A do the job?
  5. It's a 2 bay docking station and the SMPS that comes with it is 5VDC / 4A output 20W max. Any suggestions for a good LPS?
  6. So the NUC7i5 comes with a SMPS rated at 19V / 3.43A output. I know the NUC MB can supposed run off 12V but considering the options for that LPS include a 19V / 4.2A version at the same price wouldn't that be better?
  7. How long did it take to get that from China? BTW, it looks like HDPlex is coming out with an upgraded 200W LPS soon.
  8. Well I might actually listen to my system an hour or two per day, and that's all I would use it for.
  9. I don't understand....what do you mean by " I don’t think I’d ever leave one powered up to serve music with."
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