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  1. The same here. Qobuz is working fine, no log in error anymore. According to email from Audirvana the problem came from Qobuz.
  2. The same problem here. I am getting message "Error logging to Qobuz". There is no problem with my Qobuz account. I can access it from my phone and from Bluesound Node - not at the same time when I am using Audirvana. I tried to: -restart Audirvana, -restart computer, -restart network -reenter Qobuz password -reenter Audirvana licence -I deleted AudirvanaPlusDatabase.sqlite as recommended by Damien in this post: Problems logging into Qobuz I still can't log in to Qobuz I am running Audirvana 3.5.35 on Mac mini running El Capitan. It's very f
  3. The latest BlueOS update brings “Three new Radio Paradise stations in CD-quality with the ability to skip tracks” https://support1.bluesound.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021759633-Introducing-BluOS-3-4-3 All four mixes are working great, no technical issues. Good sound for all radio lovers! Now, I wish KCRW would stream losses…
  4. I am using Bluesound Node 2 with my old and trusty Electrocompaniet ECD-1 DAC. With ECD-1 there is more body to sound and soundstage definitely better. The same pretended to Auralic Aries Mini. I had it for a while but I exchanged it for Node 2. Aries was loosing settings, and could not find attached hard drive. I think it was possibly problem with my particular unit, not some common problem with Aries. I bought the streamer because my family does not like to use my Audirvana / Mac Mini set up, which is very finicky. I like BluOS operating system. It beats the Auralic’s Lightn
  5. M2000

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    It makes no difference if I send upsampled signal or native format. 24/96 is just maximum rate my DAC accepts. Isotope in theory does better job upsampling than DAC, which automatically upsamples everything to 24/192. It’s the software stalling for whatever reason.
  6. M2000

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    I hope 3.0 will fix the Audirvana stalling bug. In my case songs stop a few seconds before end, no matter if the source is hard drive or Tidal. I am experiencing it for over a year and no update helped. I posted on CA and contacted Damien, I read postings of people experiencing the same problem. I found no solution. I am upsampling only to 24/96, so my mac has enough power to do so. The bug takes away from pleasure of listing to music. I never know when Audirvana will stall and I will hear loud noise trough my speakers. At this point despite that I love the sound Audirvana gives me, I will wai
  7. Hi, I need advise on how to proceed with improving performance of USB/SPDIF converter. My current set up: Mac Mini -> Musical Fidelity V-Link 192 -> AES/EBU cable -> Electrocompaniet ECD-1 DAC. The maximum signal DAC accepts is 24Bit/96kHZ. I do not plan changing my DAC. I also want to keep using AES/EBU connection. I am considering two options: Keep V-Link and buy for it Swagman Lab Linear PSU for USB ($120) (or other brand LPSU) Buy Singxer SU-1 ($400) Is SU-1 going to be significantly better than combo V-Link / Linear PSU? Would the extra ~$300 justify the diff
  8. I am having similar problem. The playback stops with an electronic noise. The noise modulation is somehow dependent of the song played. It is not the same type of noise all the time. This is extremely annoying especially when volume is on higher setting. It makes me worry about my speakers. The interesting thing is, that usually the music stops about 5 seconds before the end of the song. For example slider showing time stops at 5:19 when song is 5:24 long, and it does not move forward. I have to forward to the next song or play the album from the start. I think most of the time it hap
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