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  1. I just started experimenting with this. The point of this is really to eliminate network noise and improve SQ correct? There seems to be a slight reduction of the usual suspects of noise artifacts like harshness and a bit more of an open and relaxed sound. However, at this point, I couldn't swear that this beyond placebo. If you use this feature, could you share your experience?
  2. Trying to figure something out. When I use poly-sinc-ext2 to go from 44.1 ➔ 705.6 and set it to auto rate family in HQP desktop it goes to 384. When I do the same in HQP Pro it converts to 705.6 whether I have auto rate family checked or not. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. How are you not an explorer my friend!? I like the way you put it, I guess you are an "accidental explorer." I think many of us get started that way. You fall into the rabbit hole and have to discover at least a way out. For good or for bad, a lot of us just end up putting in plumbing and a kitchen sink down there. I think what you wrote is a perfect illustration of the proper holistic approach to all of this. Audio systems are just that: systems. As you well know, lesson one is learning to think organically in terms of interrelated components; the chain only sounds good as a chai
  4. That's a lovely way to put it, and of course, each to his own. I would add though, if you've already pressed on to custom Windows servers, I think you're already in explorer territory. I think Euphony sounds great out of the box and you don't have to get into the more complex tweaking. I was sold as soon as I heard it before I made any adjustments.
  5. Hey, I wanted to report back for those who might be wrestling with jumping onto 421. I’ve spent some time now adjusting the rest of my system to accommodate 421. I’ve found that I can make up some fullness and soundstage width through adjusting convolution. However, the performance gains in 421 (accuracy, clarity, detail) obviously can’t be reduplicated. As the new sound is coming together the efforts to work with 421 are being well rewarded.
  6. I think we'd all like to help Euphony achieve the best possible sound, at least the one that holds the most broad appeal. It seems to me that it would be helpful if we could find consistency in our feedback across systems. So, can I ask you to elaborate a bit. Are you saying that 108 is more "lively" than 421 which is more "dull"? If so, can you be more specific as to what you mean by dull and lively? it's hard for me to interpret 421 as sounding "dull" in general terms. Thanks!
  7. It’s a really simple process. You should just keep the same sample rate and bit depth. You can leave ISP off. That’s it. I have to say, my own suspicion is that the difference has to do with the added load on the CPU to decompress the file from flac to Wav during playback. I can clearly hear a difference with flac being more smeared and mushy. But, you will need a fairly resolving/ low noise system to detect these differences. In your system, if you have to strain to hear any difference, please, don’t let this distract you from enjoying flac files!
  8. Try XiSRC. As you know, not all sample rate converters/encoders are the same. XiSRC was fantastic for the low price, and there is a Mac and Win version. Now that the company, Xivero, is no longer in business, I think it may just be free. You can find download links online. It can be a bit slow compared to the common free algorithms out there, but I think more precise.
  9. Have you tried Wav/AIFF instead of FLAC? Even though flac is lossless compression, I do find uncompressed files perform better. I’m not sure whether that’s due to artifacts at the compression stage, decompression stage, or both. Some think that it’s due to the noise of the extra processing load of decompressing the files. So, if they have flacs they decompress them offline and store them as wav for playback. It’s worth the experiment unless you’ve already ascertained that it makes no difference for yourself.
  10. Always local. I have a Tidal account for exploring, but whenever I find something I love, I purchase the file.
  11. Right. I just called today, though he was on the road. However, I saw earlier on the thread that demos have been suspended for a while.
  12. I currently have a fairly well sorted upscaling Dave-based system: custom server running Euphony, optical to Innuos Phoenix, Sablon USB, SynRes Atmosphere L3 power cable, all top-tier LPS including Sean Jacobs retrofitted into the Dave. But, of course, I still have, the itch. I've been looking for a head on comparison between a good Dave+MS system and the Tambaqui esp. in relation to headphone output. I'm finding the information sparse. I would count on Darko, but he went to Tambaqui vs. Bartok, somewhat dismissing the Dave from entry. I'm not looking to start a war (
  13. This is similar to my impressions, though in my system, I wouldn't describe the issue as "etched" so much as "tight." 421 was definitely smoother than 216/217, but was missing 102's ease and fluidity. So, I kept experimenting and found, at least for myself, the optimum solution: I reengaged Ramroot but removed core isolation. To my ears this is the best balance of compromises. The staging still seems smaller to me, but I think that is more of a psychoacoustic side effect of 421's greater detail and precision. That improvement in performance is the highlight of 421! Th
  14. I'm using Apacer RAM and an Optane drive, so I very much want to use Ramroot. I'm still hoping for a version that has greater fluidity and space (esp. soundstage width), and the added performance of Ramroot. The great thing about 102 is the way the sound flows freely, unrestricted into an expansive space. My ideal audio components are able to do this while occupying that space with dense and precise images.
  15. Okay, okay, okay, I've converted to 421. I kept playing with 421 and what finally did it was that I disabled Ramroot. That alleviated the tightness I was experiencing in 421's presentation. 421 has this incredible precision and definiteness where 102 can image overly soft and diffuse. However, with Ramroot engaged, the sound feels like the screws are overtightened and it feels stiff. I don't like giving up Ramroot, but once I unloaded it, a natural sense of flow returned. I still long for more of 102's fullness, larger low end and staging. Also, I am uncomfortable los
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