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  1. Don Hills

    Archimago and the TLS DS-1

    From my experiences with listening to Status Quo on many different systems over the years, the distortion and "loud AM radio" sound was present in the recordings. The more competent and revealing the system, the more clearly you could hear it. Whereas it sounded fine on the old Dansette... 😉 Same for Blackmore's experience - if you think your system is right and everyone else's is wrong, you ought to consider that you might just have it backwards. Your system might be emphasizing certain characteristics of the music that higher fidelity systems reproduce accurately, the result being a sound more to your expectations and tastes.
  2. Don Hills

    Lies about vinyl vs digital

    On the evidence presented over in ASR and elsewhere, most of them. (Defined as "DACs that can reproduce the samples, and the in-between values, to an accuracy much better than the limits of audible perception.")
  3. Don Hills

    Lies about vinyl vs digital

    Yeah, that's the bit that people get wrong. Simple, intuitive - and wrong. Monty's video is good for those who prefer visuals, or there's this: Start with the original analog signal. The ADC samples it at regular intervals. Between those intervals, the analog signal continues to vary. The mistake is in assuming that because the "in between" values weren't sampled, they are lost. But the Nyquist theorem proves that we know exactly what the "lost" values were at any moment between the samples.The DAC converter stage then has to accurately reproduce the sample values at the same regular intervals in time. Competent DACs can do that, even filterless. The difference is in what happens in between the sample intervals. A filterless DAC outputs the same value for a whole sample period. A properly filtered DAC produces values in between the sample periods that accurately match the original analog values that existed between the samples.
  4. Don Hills


    Any resemblance to the famous brand that "keeps going and going..." is purely coincidental... 🤣
  5. Don Hills

    Subjective / Objective , Philosophy of Science

    Granted, it's most commonly heard from such folks. Simple, logical, and wrong, because they don't understand why. Also true that a single sinewave is quite unlike some music in character. In some ways though, it is more revealing of equipment shortcomings than music is. Example: the onset of clipping is much more obvious with a sine wave than with music. And there's my "party trick" from the 80s: Playing the 1 KHz tone from a test record on a very highly regarded turntable setup, then playing the same tone from a test CD. And then I point out that the defects so audible in the LP tone are present in all the music played on that turntable... why can't you hear them, if music is so much more revealing of defects than a single sinewave?
  6. Don Hills

    Subjective / Objective , Philosophy of Science

    ... so it's not a common argument that "Sinewaves are steady-state signals that represent too easy a test for amplifiers, compared with the complexities of music"? Guilty as charged. I really need to ignore him.
  7. Don Hills

    Subjective / Objective , Philosophy of Science

    "In the twenty or so years that have elapsed since the emergence of the Subjectivist Tendency, no hitherto unsuspected parameters of audio quality have emerged." He said that 30 years ago...
  8. Don Hills

    Subjective / Objective , Philosophy of Science

    He's still not wrong. With a single sine wave, the input (and thus any energy storage) is constantly changing. That's far from your 'steady state'. I'm a little surprised by Frank's dismissal of the article's author, looking at things from an unconventional perspective is one of the things that Frank (and many "subjectivists") advocate for.
  9. Don Hills

    Subjective / Objective , Philosophy of Science

    This is why I generally ignore you, Frank. If you ever start demonstrating a fraction of the understanding that Self does, I may change my mind. He's not wrong, though. As he said, an amplifier "lives in the moment." It has no concept of past or future.
  10. Don Hills

    Subjective / Objective , Philosophy of Science

    Long, but well worth reading in full, from a well regarded audio engineer: "Science and Subjectivism in Audio", by Douglas Self Note that the article was originally published 30 years ago... 😲
  11. Don Hills

    USB Hardware DRM Coming

    The mechanism sounds similar to that used for HDMI's HDCP. For HDCP, a source device can refuse to output to an unauthenticated device, or output lower resolution video. For USB, it would be easy to require a DAC to authenticate as an audio device, but harder to enforce restrictions on what was fed from the source. Unlike HDMI, USB is a general purpose bus.
  12. Don Hills


    Can I interest you in some Calibrated Acoustic String (tm)? http://www.mcsquared.com/string.htm
  13. Don Hills

    Article: CA is now Audiophile Style!

    Discussion of replacing it with one with more audiophile cred starting in 3...2...1... Nice new look to the place, Chris. But still instantly familiar to long-term inhabitants.
  14. Don Hills


    I think Thomas is referring to the fact that some of the most truly knowledgeable people, responsible for much of the progress in audio in their lifetime, do frequent forums or mailing lists. Some of them used to post here.
  15. Don Hills


    No. At Headfi, you choose where you "live" and the rules you live by. With apartheid, you have no choice.