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  1. That's never going to happen. It would require an MQA *encoder* to be embedded in each card. - Oh, you were being sarcastic? My bad. 😉
  2. In theory, an installer can make money using their product. Just not very often, because few people choose Meridian products. That was Chris's point, and it is indeed quite ironic. Truer than you appear to realise.
  3. If the nominal signal voltage is the same for both balanced and unbalanced, unbalanced has an advantage of a few dB due to the noise generated by the additional balanced components, as detailed in the Benchmark paper. But as pointed out, the nominal signal voltage is usually higher for balanced. About the only place where unbalanced has a clear advantage is in the input of phono preamps, where the signal level is so low that noise generating devices in the signal path have to be minimised.
  4. Given that the marketing message for 5G is that it has bandwidth to spare, it will make the bandwidth saving of MQA even less relevant. (If one were to go through this thread and change all references to MQA to 5G, the thread title and contents would be perfectly at home in a telecommunications forum.)
  5. We had this argument a while ago, sparked by a reviewer for an audiophile publication doing equipment reviews using a dummy head to record peoples' systems in their room. https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/54420-earspace/
  6. Now that's a real Freudian slip...😁
  7. The State Of The YouTube Music Economy
  8. If you mean that much of the music content on Youtube is not authorised by the rights holder, you have been given to understand incorrectly. Youtube's content ID system identifies about 99.5% of uploaded music videos. The rights holder has the choice to have it deleted, or all revenue from it diverted to the rights holder. Midia Research did a study a couple of years ago which found that only about 2% of the music videos on Youtube were actually unauthorised. About 75% of the rest were actually uploaded by the rights holders or their representatives, and the remainder were monetised by the rights holder.
  9. Whoosh. I thought I'd made that clear in the sentence after the one you quoted.
  10. I wouldn't expect the "MQA crowd", by which I assume you mean the people with a financial stake in seeing MQA succeed, to change their opinion. And I wouldn't expect the "Audio press" to readily, or at least publicly, change their opinion. At best, I'd expect them to simply go silent on the topic.
  11. Indeed. How dare anyone question the words of someone who gets paid by the word? But seriously, it's a two-fold failure of the reviewer. First, to present a convincing fact-based argument. Second, to accept that in spite of presenting a convincing argument, some people can never be persuaded to change their opinion.
  12. True. I was just being charitable, showing that even a favourable comparison doesn't tip the balance to MQA.
  13. Fail. If the only tracks available are MQA, how can they offer a premium tier? Same quality sound for both tiers... Even if "lorez" remains available, the vast majority of subscribers will still not pay more for MQA. No change from the current model. And what the services (Spotify etc) save on storage and bandwidth with MQA compared to full hirez, they will lose paying the MQA royalty. (Not directly, but the labels will increase the fee charged to the services to recoup the royalty.)
  14. Ah yes, I see what you mean. I come from a telecommunications background and see things somewhat differently... so PWM can be thought of as a limit case of PDM.
  15. Yes, but which is it closest to? PWM and PDM are two quite different modulation schemes.
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