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  1. But I thought about Grey Goose Vodka at the same time as AQ Vodka so there is some dilution isn't there? geeeeeze.. I enjoyed the article... thank you
  2. Chris I posted some Audeze LCD-2s for sale and now I realize that I listed the purchased date as 2012 when it should be 2013. How do I edit or delete and start over?
  3. I purchased these on Jan 5, 2013. I am upgrading to the LCD-3s and need to offset the expense of the new purchase. These are obviously *like new*; there isn't a single spot, mark, or blemish on them. They have about 100 hours use on them so they are just broken in. I have the original box, the travel case, the wood care kit, the Frequency Response graph, warranty docs.. all like the day they arrived.... asking $900. I'll pay shipping to Continental US. Email if interested Thanks
  4. These are my first headphones purchased when I bought my AudioQuest Dragonfly. These AKG 550s were purchase on Nov 28, 2012. I am selling the headphones (Dragonfly also for sale in a separate ad) only because I have upgraded twice already and I have too many headphones. These are very comfortable, excellent sounding headphones at a very reasonable price. I have the original box, the headphones are not marked or marred any way. I paid $276 for these on Amazon, I'd like to net $200 so I will sell for $215, I'll pay shipping and Paypal fees. Please let me know if interested. Thanks Donald
  5. Well it's because of this site that I got hooked on this hobby! About 3 months ago, I read about this Dragonfly amp/dac, I bought one, bought some headphones, and the rest is history (and alot of money). I am selling my Dragonfly (headphone will be posted in a separate ad). The DF is like new. I used it (and the headphones) for about 2 months then moved on to upgrade headphones, DAC, and amp. I have the Dragonfly, the original box, the little storage pouch, and the pamphlet (instructions). If not for the broken seal on the box you wouldn't know it's used. I also have the Dragontail, which I think is a "must have" for peace of mind. This combo cost me $265. I want to net $200 out of the sale so I am selling for $215 shipping included to Continental US. I'll pick up the Paypal fees as well. Please let me know if interested... thanks DONALD
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