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  1. I expected PonoPlayer owners to get it for free, but seeing Eloise's request for a discount made me worry. So it's free? I use both PC and Mac, BTW. Thank you.
  2. Wait.... PonoPlayer owners are expected to pay for a software before they can purchase music from Pono Store? I know we can just drag the music we already have to PonoPlayer by using Window Explorer, but still, the software should be free.
  3. NEW! Astell&Kern AK480 Music Player! and you think PONO is expensive... Audiophiles are easy to fool.
  4. And Pono please add EQ and Crossfeed in your player. They are basic DSPs. Even Sansa Clips can do those.
  5. I am really curious why they picked Ayre and dumped Meridian eventually. There are two possibilities from what I read. 1. Meridian declined the offer because Pono did not give them a sufficient lead time. Ayre took over, and agreed to finish the design within four weeks. Hefley of Ayre admitted that the partnership "came together only about 60 days ago" and they "spent three straight weeks just hard-core working" because Pono had "a deadline to get this done". Ayre hears 'buzz' from PonoMusic player | Today's News | Boulder County Business Report Boulder firm develops chip for Neil Young venture | CharlotteObserver.com 2. The choice was made based on SQ. The quote was taken from their Kickstarter's page: 'Recently Neil wanted to listen to a new prototype of the player which had new audio enhancements and to compare it to the previous version. He listened to the newer version for about a minute and then asked us to play the older one and we did. He listened to it for about 3 seconds and turned it off and started walking out of the room. I thought something had gone wrong and asked him what happened? He simply said "the new one is better." I was astonished. I asked him how he could tell in 3 seconds? How could he have possibly listened long enough? His response caught me by surprise. He said "I don't listen, I feel!".' Right. Three seconds. Based on the "feeling" of one person (and his hearing ability is very much lost)...
  6. Any new insights as to your preference of B&W P7 vs. B&O H6 after back and forth comparisons?
  7. Got it. Thanks! And so do you plan to part with your H6? I know you have two pairs, and I could take your green ones if you are looking to pair with them...
  8. Hi Dale, Thanks for the review. When you have a chance, tell us a little more about how P7 compares to B&O H6. L of Headfonia seems to prefer H6 to P7 but since you are the one who is able to compare them back to back, I am more curious of your findings. In particular, I want to know how the two compares in terms of imaging and sense of space, since P7 is really good in these two aspects (just got my P7 yesterday). Thanks!
  9. I am sorry for the noob question, but how can I post a classified? I see that there's a "start a new thread" button in the general forum. But I don't see one in this one. Is it because I am a new member? I did complete one trade as a buyer here...
  10. People at another forum said that Resonessence is going to release two new products shortly. Excited! [h=2][/h]
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