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  1. I'm not sure of KECES's noise level of output. but I'm very satisfied with its bulid quality. Very slight sound could be heard when working.
  2. Your idea seems great~ I'm using Sotm card with MA-2
  3. I tried sata2 in my CAS. It works and I'm using it
  4. My DC-116 has only one output with 19V 6A, enough for i5 3570T or i7 3770s. If you want two outputs, every of them can reach only 3A. The SOtM USB PCIe board draws 9 volts 2.5A max. I bought another small linear power for this card.
  5. In my CAS powerd by a 100w linear power supply, the SSD with the filter II can not be detected. However, in my other computer powered by ordinary ATX power supply, the SSD with the filter II works normally. I'm going to try if SATA II ports or other sata cables will help.
  6. My filter II also has the same problem in my CAS. However, I tried the filter with SSD on my PC for computer games which is powerd by ATX power supply, and it worked normally. So I think the main problem is the power supply...
  7. I just got one with only a 19v output to my cas. And I'm using intel DQ77KB which can be supplied by DC-116 directly. I'm pretty satisfied with the sound and its appearance at such price...
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