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  1. Maybe that explains it because I also own a 2012 MacMini...
  2. Unfortunately this was not my experience. I currently have a non-optimized MacMini and when I had the opportunity to try the Aries I was really convinced it would sound better. And I was looking forward to retire the MacMini and take advantage of all the convenience and simplicity Aires provides. But... much to my dismay, it sounded worse than MacMini+Audirvana. More harsh. Less natural. I find it odd because MacMini has an internal HDD, a crappy power supply and is running a lot of extra unneeded processes. And because everyone else is reporting significant sonic improvements. I ended up returning it and am stuck with Audirvana and it's awkward interface. BTW, I also tried the SOtM SMS-100 and also returned it for the same reason. I really hope to find a streamer sounding better than my MacMini soon... Nuno
  3. But what could it be? I'm using the same USB cable (actually I used more than one) and I'm using the same source files (stored in a Synology NAS), each one using similar ethernet cables coming from the same router, and both connected to the same Vibex outlet. Any suggestions?
  4. Same here. I tried the Aries only to return it one week later since it sounded noticeably worse than my MacMini+Audirvana. Actually the Aries sounded very digital and harsh. Today I tried the SOtM SMS-100 and it also sounded inferior (although I then realised that while the SOtM was playing FLACs from my NAS, the MacMini was playing local files, so I'll repeat the test tomorrow) although not as bad as the Aries. I'm also intrigued because I'd expect both to sound at least similar. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong. Cheers, Nuno
  5. Glad that there's a way to dismiss the window. Still, I don't want to let go of A+'s integer mode. So I'll wait and see.
  6. Hi Flavio, Ah, I didn't know that. Thanks. That makes it nicer indeed. Anyway, as I said before, I ended up not going for it (yet) due to it's limitations with A+ and the fact that I'm still not sure whether I'll switch to a dedicated streamer like Auralic. It would definitely not be for lack of support, which is great Cheers! Nuno
  7. Yes, by A+ I mean Audirvana Plus. By "it has always to be loaded" I meant that besides loading Audirvana I'd have to load Dirac. I know it can automatically be loaded on startup. Given its nature (not needing frequent user interaction), it could have been designed as a background service with an optional configuration interface which you'd only load when needed. But no, it is always an interactive application with a window you cannot get rid of. Still, if it weren't for the A+ limitations and the fact that the interface is not without bugs, probably I wouldn't care about this. Fortunately I don't have bass issues in my room because my JL Audio F112 subwoofer has its own room correction which took care of that Cheers, Nuno
  8. Hello, Sorry about my silence. I did test Dirac. On the positive side and found that it does greatly improve the sound's focus. But I ended up not buying it for 2 reasons: 1. Dirac is not compatible with A+ integer mode (due to the way it integrates with other programs). And having compared both Dirac + normal A+ against A+ with integer mode I found that, even though I could objectively notice Dirac's improvements, I definitely found that I found the sound form A+ must more enjoyable and compelling. As much as objective improvements are important, for me, in the end, it boils down to how much enjoyment I get from listening to the music. And I found that through A+ integer mode I feel like sitting there and listening. 2. I found Dirac's interface to still be a little buggy. And it being an extra piece of software which I'd always have to have loaded, if it is to be there I want it to be smooth enough for me to be able to forget about it. So, since I still have so many other things to improve (power cables, interconnects, MacMini fine-tuning, etc.), and since things are evolving so quickly, I decided to postpone my concerns with room correction and focus on these other things first. This said, I didn't give up on Dirac forever. But I'll wait and see how things evolve. I don't even know if in six months I'll still be using a Mac Mini as my audio source. Auralic Aries is about to be revealed and it looks promising. And it is supposed to include room correction at some point. Regards, Nuno
  9. Hi, I don't have a Time Machine backup. I did write a pm to Damien but got no reply. Anyway I got an answer from someone who will send it to me. Yeah. Thanks anyway! Cheers, Nuno
  10. Hi GregWormald, I too would like to downgrade to .10 but I can't find a link to download the installer. Where did you get it? Can you help me get it? Thanks! Nuno
  11. I was wrong: The upgrade to Mavericks didn't solve the problem after all. I decided to build a dummy dongle using a DisplayPort-VGA adapter and a resistor and it seems to have solved the problem.
  12. How can I get 1.5.10 again? Can anyone provide me with a link to it? Thanks in advance, Nuno
  13. Thanks Dandaman, After you said this was solved in Mavericks I tested it again, since I recently upgraded to Mavericks and indeed it seems to be ok. I could swear that I had tested it already after the upgrade. I guess I didn't test it properly. That settles it. No need for crazy dongles. Thanks! Regards, Nuno
  14. Hello, I am currently controlling my Mac Mini using the standard screen sharing. But if no display adapter is connected to it, the refresh rate is very slow. I've read many others suffer from this. I read that there is a way to tweak a VGA adapter using a simple resistor and this way have the Mac Mini think it has a display connected to it. To all the headless mac mini people out there: Is this the way everyone is doing it? Or is there a simpler way? Thanks, Nuno
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