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  1. Now that I'm getting a better understanding I'm looking at USB HDD. thanks for the many ideas! I do have a backup HDD but yes, I don't have an off site backup yet. Thats is on my to do list asap.
  2. @DuckTollerand @skikirkwood, thanks for clarifying the usage of Raspberry Pi. Still, it looks like it will take a lot of time setting that up with all the different configurations. I'm not to comfortable with that. The NAS systems seem a lot easier for someone like me.
  3. Currently looking into this option as it sounds pretty much perfect for my needs. Thanks for the suggestion but I don't need a Raspberry Pi. Id rather keep my Sonos and Bluesound streamers setup.
  4. I'm currently running a mid-2011 iMac which has a 500GB HDD, all my music is stored here. I'm looking into a new Mac Book Air or Pro which would have a 256GB SSD, my total music library is roughly 180GB mostly in ALAC. What would be the best option to store music if I did not want to use the SSD in the laptop? I'm not familiar with NAS or iCloud storage solutions such as WD My Cloud Home HDD. I use Sonos throughout my house and Bluesound in my dedicated 2ch listening room. I may also get back into Roon which I hear runs great as a boot drive. Just want to get some ideas where if I could I can start right now before upgrading my iMac. Thanks
  5. I did the free upgrade to Windows 10 and also use the free version of Fidelizer. Windows 10 does sound better to me than Windows 7 and it see,s Fidelizger doesn't make that much a difference now. Will do more listening this week. One question, can someone point me in the direction of doing a clean wipe through Windows 10?
  6. i just downloaded the free Fidelizer, I'm using audiophile mode and noticed after optimization of windows I needed to select Jriver as my music application and relaunch it, almost like a reinstall. What version do you have if you are using it?
  7. gotcha, Mac Mini is on my shortlist for sure. Quick question on the Seagate. I noticed when my PC goes to sleep the Seagate will disconnect after so long of non use. I tried to correct for this after searching around and tried entering a CMD prompt to disable disconnect but it did not work, even tried to enter the maximum amount of time in minutes before a disconnect, something like 65,535 but nothing. It's something to do with Windows/Microsoft with shared drive paths. Your Mac doesn't do this I'm sure, another reason for me to head toward the Mini. I may bring my Mac desktop up the listening room and experiment.
  8. Lets say I came across getting a MacBook Air or MacBook, does the Seagate operate as it is now with my PC? I see the MacBook's have flash storage, so the Seagate looks like it would be really handy.
  9. I'm copying music files now but I did through the Seagate menu, create files or something and just checked music files. They are almost done, was that a good way? I'll have JRiver scan new library when finished. I would like to clear music from internal PC HD, is that cool to do? You read my mind about CAT 6 cable, I'll order it asap from Amazon. Hopefully I'm good to go. Huge thanks to you!
  10. I'm in!!! I never downloaded software. What is the Sdrive for, I have a shortcut for it on my desktop too? Ok, now what is the best method to move my music off the PC HD to the Seagate? Thanks for all the help!
  11. ethernet is enabled, I rebooted PC, Jriver launched and than I got Seagate login screen. I logged in. Now under Computer I have Gateway (C followed by Sdrive (\\My-PC) (S Under Network I have My PC and another My PC also what does under Network Location Sdrive (\\MY-PC) (S mean? It says 0 bytes free of 8.00 KB when I click one of my PC's I see a folder SDrive Share
  12. I got the Seagate Personal Cloud yesterday, 3TB. I'm completely lost on how to set this up on my LAN connection with my PC. I plugged in my Personal Cloud but Windows 7 did not recognize it. I'm searching On web for insight. The YouTube vid I found doesn't really show me much and it's for the WD MyCloud.
  13. Quick question. I may go for the Seagate Personal Cloud or the WD My Cloud. Recommended setup would be to use the ethernet connection to PC, that would be it, no USB correct? Is that method wireless? What would be the difference in the hardwire option you described, using a Thunderbolt port with LAN adapter? Or is that for if I decide to go with Mac Mini?
  14. Good point. So my other option is keep the PC but connect an external HD which seems to be recommended here (external HD). I would want to get at least a 1TB for my needs. Thanks for the informative info since I'm new around here. As I type this I'm waiting for UPS to deliver my speaker wire for auditioning which I got on loan from The Cable Company.
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