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    Pure Music 2

    No. this is not right, it is $74.95 after 28 May.
  2. I bought a Freecom Quattro 2 TB HD much more silent as a Lacie D2.
  3. I am using a Lacie D2 external HD with firewire connected to a Macbook pro, the sound of the HD annoys me. Which HD is silent? Another question thunderbolt or firewire connection (for example Buffalo Ministation thunderbolt 1 TB)? [h=1][/h]
  4. A few months ago I updated to the denominator PCB, a very nice upgrade. This week I replaced my USB cable with a AudioQuest Diamond without listening before, sometimes you must make a risk;-) Changes are improved imaging, less distortion (blacker background), more air around the instruments.
  5. I download the latest version, i get a message waiting for media. i can't select anything, only quit PM. itunes alone works fine, what am i doing wrong?
  6. Take a look at: Wavelength Audio, USB DACS, Setup information for Macintosh Computers
  7. Organizing was a lot of work many were numbers where duplicated:-( what program can be used to make it easier?
  8. Does a external HD with thunderbolt connection sound better vs firewire connection?
  9. are you using extra software like PM or Audirvana? besides this I think you are overestimated the influence of the difference of ML vs SL, the DAC has much more influence.
  10. I bought a denominator pcb for my cosecant, i can't wait to try it;-)
  11. Gordon ranking from wavelenght advised to use Alac...you have the latest apple computer I wonder if converting will bring improvement...maybe you could try it on a few songs.
  12. I have a dedicated macbook pro (i5 beginning 2012), so only sound quality matters to me.
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