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Audio System


xigmanas or local hd => server Fractal Design Define Nano S PC i7-7900K (95W TDP), 16GB Apacer DDR4 RAM 2666MHz, AudioLinux + HQPlayer embedded powered by Seasonic 400W Titanium fanless => DSD256 (EC modulator) => optically isolated ethernet => renderer Streacom FC5 EVO PC i3-6100T (35W TDP), 8GB Apacer RAM 8GB ECC DDR4 2666MHz (wide temperature), AudioLinux + NAA powered by Paul Hynes SR4 19V (ATX) & optionally Studer 900 14V to MPAudio 12V (EPS/VPU)  => Lush^1 => ISO Regen powered by HDPlex 200W 9V to to ldovr 7.1V => Lush^2 => Lampizator custom Lite7/Big with Amanero => Stereo Coffee DIY preamp => Cayin A-88T modified power amp => Spendor SP100 speakers + 2x REL T5 subwoofers / Taket H2 + TR2 or Hifiman HE-6 headphones













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