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  1. I tried five providers, including some suggested here. Jottacloud for me felt best in terms of speed, user experience, cost and data center location. It is a well known service in Europe that started in 2008. I would have preferred G Suite Business as recommended by TJtennispro, however was advised elsewhere that this could be risky: Google write: "With G Suite Business, each user in your organization can store unlimited Gmail messages, Google Photos, and files in Drive. Or if there are 4 or fewer users in your organization, each user gets 1 TB of storage." The unlimited in the first part refers to Google files that are unlimited in all Google storage products, so this does not apply to music files. The second sentence means that if you pay for one user (which is less than 4 users), the official max is 1TB. They just do not enforce that yet. I did not want to take the risk of later enforcement of that rule given the hassle to get all the data up there. For now happy with Jottacloud with rclone (see previous post). Hereby suggested by me a service. 😉 And actually the advice here really helped to make that choice, so thanks all.
  2. Yesterday I started uploading my music library from a Windows machine using Jottacloud's automated uploader. After about one day I reached 170GB. So uploading a 5TB library would take approx. 24 days. However, this afternoon I started to do the same, this time using the rclone tool to sync into my Jottacloud. 45 minutes later I was already at 280GB, so 110 added in that time. So now it seems the library can be uploaded in less than 2 days. The improvement in speed is almost incredible. Fingers crossed... And I no longer have to use the somewhat buggy Jottacloud desktop app. For more info see: https://rclone.org/ It is a free tool based on rsync that works with many cloud storage providers.
  3. I just subscribed to Jottacloud for a one-month account and am currently uploading my library. With some luck this will complete within that month. Initial impressions are good in terms of speed (especially download is very fast, upload is approx. 20MB/s in my case) and intuitive UI. €7,50 per month unlimited; beyond 5TB upload speed goes down...
  4. Ah confusing. Google say unlimited only starts when you pay for at least 5 users. But they have not enforced the 1TB for the last few years. See https://servergems.com/unlimited-google-drive-storage/ When they start enforcing the 1TB the cost would be times 5.
  5. Speed is rather important to me, and I believe Google is considerably faster than Backblaze, and even faster than something like pCloud. Do you remember how much time it took to upload 1TB with Backblaze?
  6. Interesting. However, when I look at pricing, it says unlimited cloud storage or 1TB per user in case of less than 5 users. So how does that work in your case?
  7. Agreed, cloud storage does not make local backup superfluous.
  8. I prefer Google One. It is really fast. Hopefully I can combine two 2GB subscriptions into one 4TB cloud (using a single Google account). This will be more than enough if I only upload the PCM files and skip the DSD files for now. It seems I can filter out the latter when syncing.
  9. As I currently have these free accounts: - 115G Google (for a limited time, came with a Chromebook) - 10GB pCloud - 50GB MEGA I think I will just try them with a small sub-library to test speed and functionality.
  10. Thanks! What is the size of your library? And what was 'a while' approx.? Hours, days, more than a week?
  11. Does anyone store/backup their music library in the cloud? Cloud services are getting cheaper and f.i. Backblaze offers unlimited storage at a reasonable price. For me it would mainly function as a backup (library is approx. 5TB), but I am somewhat reluctant as upload speed may be an issue. Curious to hear about any experiences with this...
  12. I found one of these at home, albeit with a USB A plug instead of a DC male plug to provide the VBUS with 5V power. I think I will DIY such a cable with Supra CAT8, so I took of the heatshrink. See pic: it seems this little DIY project will not be too difficult 🙂 For best usability (the Supra is bulky and stiff) I think I will keep the black and red wires as shown, and attach the Supra to those, keeping everything as short as possible.
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